Learning How to Cook

Through the documentary "Valencia Region Tourist Board," we know that .- "The Valencian cuisine is based historically on: -" The Ten Books on Agriculture of the famous Columella, the Roman cookbook Apicius, the Etymologies of St. Isidore (eighth century), the Cookbook Hispano-Maghribi. Translated by Huici Ambrosio Miranda (XIII century), including many metaphorical paragraphs Arabit Andalusian poetry emerged from the imagination of the size and Cafaro Ben Ben Hutman, among other writers, besides the book Art of Valencian Cozine Diego Granado, Philip Cook II, form a giant cultural history in a direct or veiled has a reflection in many of the eating habits of these lands. " For me to say that my merits or culinary skills to possess if they are due to the continued advice and deserving confidences revealed to me so patiently Cebria my aunt Maria Miralles (1906-1992-Valencia), my mother's older sister who earlier of decade of the sixties was in charge of the notorious historical cookers Parret, where maintaining the rigorous "receptive" (recipe) oral Paella Valenciana, a dish so glorified germinated in that kitchen. My Aunt Mary told me that recipe as it had provided the voice of Aunt Lola, another family our direct descendant of the founders of so dignified possession. With these important revelations preliminary, it is necessary to place the issue in the study of cooking and recipes, because no one can overlook that disclosure of the formulas and books in the kitchen is fairly modern. For those same decades, while attending my aunt with her cooking so much grace, I was explaining the raw materials are just right and proper procedure was for use at each moment in the development of the queen and mistress of the food we now call Community Valencia;-product of those secrets now available written prescriptions which sets out the teaching and invariable elements that are unique to the paella seasoned with the Foundation of the Parret Paella Valenciana or Paella.

Learning About Tarot Cards

About Tarot cards written many books, they all carry different kinds of unique and meaningful information, advancing various hypotheses and assumptions about their origin. However, no one has so far failed to explain their true origin. Clearly, however, one that tarot cards – it is a symbolic description of the evolutionary path of humanity on the road of spiritual growth and development. There is a legend according to which the wise, knowing the laws of space hierarchies, have decided to transfer their secret knowledge to mankind, and encrypt the message, as farewell to mankind. Nobody knows whether it was real or not, but my experience in practice shows that the tarot cards – it is really great scrambled wisdom.

I do not belong to the tarot as predictive, problematic system, or as a kind of predestination in "fate" of each of us, most likely a farewell speech, rules of conduct, who gave us the ancients. There are many hypotheses, even thinks that in ancient Egyptian initiations, when the candidate devoted to the monastic order, he showed the 12 columns on the north side and the same in the south, which were shown images of the Major Arcana tarot, explaining the rules and regulations for the Initiate There is also a hypothesis that in the era of Christianity, when the esoteric knowledge and science (which, taro and is) considered grave sin and were expelled, the keepers of the ancient teachings, not to get the ranks of the idolaters and pagans, zakumuflirovali in pictures symbols and myths on which the taro and builds. These characters – one only goal is the evolution of human consciousness. Tarot always suggests a way out of situations, helping to avoid mistakes and disappointments, gives the correct farewell, and as it may seem strange, it is never wrong. But there should be make a small reservation, it is better to trust a professional. The man who predicts events in your life, simply must own a clear understanding that its prognosis depends on what decision to take people. Tarot Rota – translated as the wheel.

The wheel of life. The sages of antiquity were told that our whole life is a wheel, a circle that never stops its motion. According to Kabbalah (Jewish philosophy), there is only one law, Managing all the creatures of nature. Ancient painted dot in the center of the circle, wheel, and as a symbol of this idea: the principle of Eternity (dot) in the center of the circle (the circle with no beginning and no end). If you listen carefully to this philosophy of the ancient philosophers and sages, to analyze the principle of the seasons, we note that the winter is replaced by the spring, summer, spring is replaced, replace the summer comes autumn and winter comes again, like a fairy tale 12 months, remember? This pattern, the cycle of life – forever. No matter how many hypotheses are not there, I am inclined to the view that the tarot – the greatest wisdom, which has reached us through the centuries, this wisdom together and connect all knowledge which humanity has become even at the dawn of distant centuries, and these reflect the knowledge of mankind developed the concept of worldview.