Lucasian Professorship

New Renaissance for this reason, do not believe in setbacks without reduction. However, I believe we are on track to a new Renaissance, or we are already living it, so you have the pragmatic Alliance between human rationality and Superior spirituality as sustenance. Even because we cannot forever ignore the possibility that there is an Invisible Government which according to parameters, for understanding, of which we still do not reach the key to everything directs, as highlights the French researcher Gabriel Delanne (1857-1926), in his work Le Spiritisme devant la Science (1885): it cannot be denied, when we examine the development of the life through the geological erasintelligence has led the upward March of everything that exists, for a purpose that we ignore, yet whose existence is evident. The discussion continues I remember also the point of view of a skeptic, the famed Dr. Stephen Hawking. From a young age occupies the Chair of Isaac Newton in Lucasian Professorship. He is a model of tenacity to the tests human, taking into account the serious illness who suffer from youth.

With the word, a Nobel Laureate in medicine and Physiology without mercy, we will finish by situating ourselves in the infancy of the feeling. The power of prayer the prayer is not only an act of worship, is also an invisible emanation of the spirit of worship of man, the most powerful energy that is capable of generating form. The influence of prayer on the body and the spirit is so susceptible to demonstrate as the secretory glands. Their effects can be measured in terms of physical resistances increased, greater intellectual vigor, moral vitality, and a deeper understanding of the realities in which human relations are based. Geocentric system, egocentric system everything progresses. Few things that yesterday were truths firm in the field of Religion and science, are not more! In 1987, the Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil, I could highlight an example in this respect: (Earth) would be the center of the universe.

February Activities

Surprise and annoyance, it caused the Mayor of Chile Chico, Luperciano Munoz, information disseminated by some regional media where gave to understand that the commemoration of the anniversary week and the Championship of fishing of Puerto Bertrand had the support of this company, in circumstances that the organization always has been in charge of the local municipality, which partnership the company has not requested at any time. The Mayor expressed that we have not received and will not receive a single weight and will never accept any kind of support or financing of municipal activities by transnational corporations. Everything has been done with our own resources. The position of the town of Chile Chico is firm against those who want to harm our region. This Mayor is not sold as they have done in other communities such as Cochrane. He added that it is different in Tortel where an inquiry was made public. If there is or not a training to certain inhabitants of Puerto Bertrand is subject of each one. I think it good that people train is and move forward, I congratulate them.

But that doesn’t mean in any way that this has been a contribution to the week of activities and celebrations of the town. He also noted that the posture of this municipality is very clear regarding HidroAysen. The only thing that they do with these things is to buy the conscience of people, trying to flag with activities that are specific to the communities and with which entrepreneurs of HidroAysen have nothing to do. He pointed out that we want to take advantage of thank the reception people also gave the authorities present on-site during the celebrations, which were popular roasts and much more, giving us the affection and respect that exists toward those who represent them. Finally, Luperciano Munoz questioned the public information that delivers HidroAysen and which in this case would have given to understand that the week of Puerto Bertrand had the support of the electrical. If they want to win your platita that do their job well, but that they not lie expressed, indicating that it expects that clarify the situation and that even though the company and the community have every right to join together in joint initiatives in any way we can say publicly that the first supported an activity that belongs officially and by tradition to the commune, and less without mentioning the support of the municipality. Puerto Bertrand’s week was organized from 16 to 22 February and, as every year, was achieved materialize thanks to the municipality of Chile Chico contributed municipal staff, artists and awards by the Championship of fishing, organized meals, sports activities and the dance of completion, among other actions. The occasion became the official delivery of the gymnasium of the town, with an investment of more than 100 million pesos. Also reported that soon will start the paving of the streets of the town for more than $450 million and is guaranteed the new school financing, amounting to close to $100 million.

Consider Astrology

We understand that Yes, since it covers a series of laws that have accumulated through the observacion and principios, and you can also see that many of these principles are reliable. Within the astrological tradition ourselves with theories that are not fiables, does not mean that we have to completely reject the astrological tradition. All sciences change and grow continuously, and theories appear and disappear, they are rechazadas or transformed, or included within a more complete theory; Astrology is no different. Based on the observations of millions of people upward long periods of time, astrology can assert quite legitimately that it is a psychological science, when astrological principles are studied and applied properly. By placing the human being in a cosmic frame of reference, Astrology has a unique ability to connect the conscience of the individual with its essential Thinketh, and fosters a deep self-knowledge intenso. If astrology is used properly, you don’t see covered with a complex theory; It may be only a simple explanation of the vital energies and cosmic factors operating in the interior and through the individual. In general terms, the role of the astrologer does not inspire any respect, and even is constantly ridiculed. Currently, astrologers are condemned to social exclusion, and poorly remunerated economicamente, except for a few stars of the media who practice a sensationalist astrology in self-dealing and that thereby decry even more, especially in the academic field, the efforts of those who defend astrology and want it to appear as it should, as a science. Francisco Lorenzo. AstroWorld. is astrologer and co-creator and co-author of Astroworld (professional astrology Software) image and personal Marketing expert Blogs similar GoodShoppingDay Fashion show en Rio Hondo (The Downey Patriot) The World From The Lorenzo Rim Angle Used Car Donation Tips Sciences guide the not so amazing Ratamata and Hessirem Lorenzo completo Return Lights Up Final Test blog city of the arts and the Sciences of Valencia Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Former FIA man: Formula is badly designed FIA Merc and Renault orders to alter diffusers operating tomorrow Baby Rasta Wikiton Magazine source #1 in Sof Sole Insoles & Socks Review The Trail Running Blog


In the last century, with ability to read and write you were more than enough not to be an illiterate, but since a few years ago, it is necessary to know how to deal with a computer, the internet, cell phone, the twiter and other technological advances, in order to be updated or how could appoint us not be a functional illiterate. Technology advances to big steps and it is necessary to make use of it for different applications, the most important or its greatest impact would be on education, should occupy as a cornerstone technology to form the man of the future, a future that we reached, a future that is already an essential part of this present. Make use of this technology for education, it would involve first highly qualified teachers in the use and application of different technology tools that are present today, both physical (tangible) tools as software advanced, so that with their knowledge and skills, they encausaran it towards the children of primary and secondary schools, being These basic levels to receive the teacher’s lessons and potential applications of the technology. For higher levels, students would have to make use of this technology for the solution of problems of your education and your environment, take advantage of technology so that enforced in their professional development. For the student who receives a theoretical-practical training, in the classrooms of a company and is already part of an economically active society, should occupy the par technology that is work by him, to comply with the rates that govern the Organization, to improve production processes, to improve as focused training is given to a process.

And with time and technological advances, we will become skilled operators of the technology, since with it we solve a multitude of problems, both at work and at home. We must be aware of the proper use of the various tools that we face every day, we must make use of them with the firm objectives learn, teach, but above all to improve this world in which we live and find this healthy competition by improving our result. Lic. Arturo Calderon Diaz Eng. Enrique Cesar Alcantara Lic. Erika Monserrat Medina Tejeda Eng. Jose Saul Suarez Perez Lic. Rafael Herrera Perez Lic. Silvia cinnamon Fernandez December 2009 original author and source of the article


Every dawn brings after if, a new day of life. And with the, always the same routine: get up, shower, get dressed, leave, coffee of the morning, etc. Then, go to work, solve problems, deal with the people, the bustle of the hours, go home, reunited with loved ones, sleep, live or die. Who knows. I’m particularly tired of always seeing these same things and do not understand the strength and enthusiasm of the human being. It should be for what I do.

Because this makes my soul to accumulate a suffered fatigue, that sometimes violates and will not let me fulfill my sacred duties. Sucked indeed, up to the limits of an aberrant incomprehension. So one day I decided to make me the rebel and declare me in absolute disobedience, since he wanted to see the world in a different way. The night before had begun plotting my conspiracy against the universal laws, leaving off to timely and sharp diminishing clock. Besides, I dedicated myself to reading another book that I always wanted to read and not the book of life.

By what that night, couldn’t sleep without any information that would make me reveal, as he was accustomed, in a manner that does not stay doubt before my determination in wanting to carry out my particular labor disobedience. But then, happened at dawn, I saw how my body was flying through a window, and not be if it was a dream, but you notice something that I still had not seen. Therefore going flying, clearly saw the treetops of the trees, the birds in flight, the sidewalk that is made between a neighborhood houses, where was a group of children on the way to school, some holding hands by their mothers and in hasty step, as apparently they were late. Then, trace the roofs of those houses to go to give up to a group of buildings where unintentionally, through their Windows, I saw a parent who took breakfast while you show the newspaper of the day, I saw a mother raising a baby from his crib to give you take your bottle and I also saw a woman ironing her blouse on what looked like the dining room table while he paid attention to the news of the TV.