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The Conscience

Do not understand that the realization of this be within ourselves and we are determined to find out. He has lived eternally in us. We must awaken to the misunderstanding itself that we are one body, that we are an ego of sensory impressions. We must awaken to our divine nature. Today’s education is in the hands of politicians. The education policy and holistic suddenly could think they are antagonistic, but they are closely linked. Required of politicians with more comprehensive visions. Politicians who fight for a more equitable economy for society.

Politicians who disposed of consumerism and give back to materialism, opting for social policies actually aimed at serving the majorities. More humane social policies. We must achieve a partnership between politics and economics to be able to eliminate poverty. Single economy can not solve this problem, the application of comprehensive political, equitable social policies is necessary. A policy holistic that increases awareness, freedom and greater possibilities for resolving conflicts. Politicians who act in a more compassionate way to their peers.

The human being is the only one capable of evolving in consciously. It is the only one capable of intentionally seek evolution. Spirituality evolves on its own, is a natural part of the evolution. We are in an era in which consciousness must be greater openness, but the transition time is perhaps the most dangerous. The educational system in our country has been focusing its policy on the idea of quality education, generating a self-deception. Education is not a matter of quality but of integrity. The importance of integrity which is finally where the conscience, where is the orientation must be recognized. When the human being is prosecuted solely to economic success and is told that this is the ultimate aim of their existence not satisfied. His ordinary personality does not evolve, rather upsets and are depersonalized. It becomes a thing.