It consists today of several determining factors. The first is called petroleum. Is the effect that would have an airstrike against Iran on its price imaginable? The specialists predict that, minutes after the first bombs explode in Iranian territory, a barrel of crude would reach 200 dollars. The closure of the Strait of Hormuz, through which transports oil from the region, through a simple mining of its waters by the Iranian fleet, would mean another big increase in the price of crude oil. That, without the astronomical increase of navigation locks that would pay for the oil companies. Iran is a medium-sized regional power that has ever invaded a neighboring country but has a great capacity for retaliation. The bases of United States in Iraq would become targets for multiplied international terrorism, supported from the neighboring country.

Its vulnerable lines of supply would be at the mercy of the Iranian disruptive actions. The same thing would happen with the offshore areas of other States in the Persian Gulf, easily attacked by Iran or terrorist groups controlled from there. And should not ignore the possibility that Hamas or Hezbollah to extend their action to other territories where they already have enough roots. Some senior U.S. military commanders are aware of all of the above. Even who occupies the top military, Admiral Mullen, has declared that an attack against nuclear facilities in Iran would create some problems for which hardly we are prepared.

Mohamed El Baradei, the Egyptian director of the International Atomic Energy Agency has expressed in the same direction: A military attack, in my opinion, would be the worst of all possible. It would turn the region into a ball of fire. In the past I have already quoted the phrase that circulated by Washington before invading Iraq: everyone wants to go to Baghdad: but the real men yearn to go against Tehran. A faction of enlightened, gathered around Vice President Cheney, advocated this strategy. The influence that such ballpark tahures exercise still on the declining Bush Presidency, will depend on what happens the next few months in that critical region of the globe. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the original book author and source of the article.

BreakWater Hotel

A math teacher math teacher sent his wife a fax with the following message: dear wife: you understand that now that you are 54 years old I have certain needs that you can no longer meet. I am happy with you as my wife and I sincerely hope that don’t feel hurt or offended to know that you for when your you receive this fax, I’ll be spending the night at the Grand Hotel with my assistant who has 18 years. I’ll get home before midnight when the husband up to the hotel found a fax waiting for that says: dear husband: thanks for the warning. I take this opportunity to remind you that your you also have 54 years and likewise you communicate when you receive this message, I will be hosted at the BreakWater Hotel with my tennis instructor who also has 18. As you are a mathematician you will easily understand that, in these circumstances, 18 enters 54 more times 54 enters 18.

I don’t expect, you reckless tomorrow. Your wife mother of six had once in a village, a father exaggeratedly proud of his wife for having had six children, so much that she called her mother of six, this his wife bothered him a lot, and one day they were in a wedding yells the husband so everyone listen: are already ready to leave mother of six?With fury your contesta:Claro wife that Yes, father of four! The logic of man – a marriage is at the Court divorced and have custody of the daughter problem. Wife is for and tells the judge: I costume this child into the world with pain, keeping me corresponds to my! the judge turns to her husband and says: who has to say in his defense? man sits for awhile contemplating, then said slowly:-Mr. Juez, if you put 1 coin on one machine of beverages and get a coca-cola, who is the coca-cola of the machine or yours? Source: Original author and source of the article.


A fundamental aspect in the life of every person are the relationships with others. As a species man is a being social and interdependent. Having healthy and harmonious relations with all persons, ensures an existence peaceful, healthy and full of joy and happiness. No matter if they are family, labor, community relations or whatever. Good relations is peace, harmony. How to improve any relationship? Are you must require, shout or curse? Should be requested? There is no doubt that a sweet Word attracts and disarming others. If you can talk, and talking resolves the issue, then talk would be the solution. But what happens when the other person does not want to talk, isn’t close to speak or is simply difficult to talk to her for any reason? If you want to improve the relationship with others, tell us Corentt, you don’t need to talk to them, you don’t require them or ask them.

You should only change your mentality. You should only change your ideas. You should only change your subconscious beliefs. You are a being so powerful that when you change, the world changes with you. If you change it is impossible that the world stays equal. The opposite is also true, if you do not change it is impossible that the world will change.

All you have to your around you have created. Your apparent enemies, as Corentt explains in his book I am happy, I am rich, are actually your best friends. But some people are so obsessed with the existence of evil, fear and hatred which force the others to treat them badly. These are those that have wrong thoughts. Others only be adapted to your requirements. If you change your thoughts, says Corentt, then the world follows you. It is impossible to do it, since you hold in your mind.