The Municipal School

Project of implantation of RH in the Municipal School of 1 Tiradentes Degree Identification: The Municipal School of 1 Tiradentes Degree, situated the Pa Valdemar Walnut S/N in the city of Brook of the Plaza-BA. The school functions in the three turns (60h), possesss 09 classrooms, 01 secretariat, 01 kitchen, 04 bathrooms with the following picture of employees: 01 director and 01 vice-director, 01 pedagogical coordinator, 03 permitted secretaries (being 02 assistant), 07 professors graduated History, Letters, Geography, Mathematics and Normal Superior, 07 permitted professors if graduating and 07 not yet. The school functions of alpha to 4 series of Basic Ensino. The school works in agreement to the PCN' s and to the transversal subjects, has a boarding to interdisciplinar, encloses the intervention projects and commemorative dates, all participate of the organization and the functioning of the pertaining to school institution, has integration of the community in the elaboration and implementation of the educative projects and the values implicit and explicit that permeiam the relations between the members of the school. Although still if it is unaware of as these aspects influence the learning, it is known that, in the schools consider that them excellent, the pupils have a better exploitation.

The community participates of the events occurred in the school, what with certainty it is sufficiently interesting for the dinamizao of the pedagogical activities, after all, all are inserted in the process and can collaborate positively for the perfectioning. Summary: That approach the organization intends to give to its politics of human resources? The current model of management estimates the migration of the traditional one for the innovator, in the search of the quality and better performance of the professors and consequentemente to the benefit of the customer, that are the pupils. Inside of this perspective conquest possibility to grant claims to it and thus to contribute for the magnifying of chances and better conditions of work.

Ethics And Citizenship

ETHICS AND CITIZENSHIP Say dictated popular ' ' The ethics are something that everybody says that it knows what it is, but if it embarrasses in the hour to explain, when somebody question. The ethics exist to establish norms that they determine as ' ' we must ser' ' in our attitudes, and our behaviors. Thus, ethics are a critical reflection of the morality, therefore it judges the different moral, it establishes norms and it imposes limits. To say on ethics and moral, is to explore the subjectivity human being, and therefore it is about something extremely complex. The ethics and the citizenship are factors important to structuralize a society, and the lack of these factors can provoke great social riots and take a society to its self-destruction. As well as the ethics, the concept of ' ' cidadania' ' it is flexible, therefore it is determined by each social group arrives at a certain agreement on which are the behaviors to be taken so that the life in society is free of conflicts. Therefore, it has the necessity to foment the ethics and the citizenship in favor of a life more joust, more solidary, more human being. A society without ethical principles and exercise of the citizenship never will become a happy society.

In an extremely capitalist society, dominated for the fever of the consumption, where what it determines its social status is ' ' TER' ' , ' ' POSSUIR' ' , instead of ' ' SER' ' , the individual becomes each more individualistic time, and one of the impediments in the exercise of the citizenship is the comfort position, the comodismo, not to want to become involved itself. We live in a society where to take off advantage of the fragility of the other it is to be smart, it is to be optimum. The justifications for the lack of the practical one of the ethics and the citizenship are innumerable, however amongst them what more we listen, he is that ' ' SYSTEM THE CULPADO' '. However, if we are integrant part of this system, consequentemente we are part of the one of the problem, and being part of the problem, we have that to act to foment the change that as much we clamamos. The society crosses great world-wide crises, however the biggest crisis that we face is the crisis of the conscience, of distortion in the values of the family, the lack of the religiosidade, the respect to the next one. We need to retake our values, that are each time more forgotten, and from there, it is that we will be able to live in a society more joust, fraterna, more happyer. For, Vladislau Neri and Claude Marcia Matos Guimares. Graduated Social Pedagogia and After graduandos Ambient Management for the College of the City of Salvador. Salvador, May of 2011.

Verkhovna Rada

To the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine received a bill 7486-1, registered by the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine D. Tabachnik. The bill provides for major reform of Ukrainian education system. According to the authors of the project, including the Party of Regions, Lytvyn bloc and the Communists, the objective of reform is to reduce the number of universities by their enlargement and improvement of the quality education. Experts warn that the legislative changes open the door to an uncontrolled increase in the cost of education and restricting the rights of students and teachers. In the case of a law executives higher education institutions will be able to determine the tuition fees for inflation. The law does not provide any framework, effectively opening up the possibility for an unlimited increase in the cost of training.

In 2010, the Minister of Education and Science, D. Tabachnik proposed to establish a minimum tuition fees in college at 8-9 thousand UAH. (Approximately 1 thousand dollars), and for a number of prestigious public university could cost study more than 20 thousand UAH. per year (2.5 thousand dollars.). It is worth noting that in Europe most prestigious universities offer students the education costs twice or even three times lower, while maintaining a high level of competition, stimulating high standards of learning. These standards are in Ukrainian, to put it mildly, not inferior. So why Ukrainians should pay for the education of such a high price at the absolute level of disparity Ukrainian and European salaries, and now the quality of education?

Didactic Process

Therefore, all the emphasis in this question must have as endorsement the development of the transforming potential of the professor, for the daily exercise of the reflection, leaving of the problems of the academic reality of the university professor and conditions for which they enter. These differ from relative paradigms knowing to them pedagogical that they mobilize docncia (CARLINE; ESCARPATO, 2008). How much to the necessity to be always reelaborando the pedagogical knowledge, we pautamos in them in Pepper (1997) that it defends the importance to know to know to reinventar them pedagogical from practical the social one of the education, that is, to establish linkings between the contents and the seen concrete reality in room and it are of it. 4. RELATION PROFESSOR – PUPIL IN the DIDACTIC PROCESS the relation professor-pupil consists in another point of reflection, when we deal with superior education. Already observed to the questions of the titulao and the specific formation in the performance area, we focus the interpersonal relationship between the professor and the learning. The construction of this relation can have resulted positive and negative, therefore we understand that professor and pupil form a complementary pair in this context.

The academic difficulties cannot only be focadas in the pupils, she is necessary to invest in such a way in the pupil as in the professor so that if it does not install a vicious circle: professor-problem, pupil-problem, where if it installs a bigger damage for the formation of the pupil. (VASCONCELOS: AMORIM, 2011). The classroom is constituted of interpersonal relations where the professor explains, he answers, he inquires, he reprehends, he praises, and the pupil questions, answers, interacts, at last, a universe of attitudes for which if they relate. As much the professor as the pupil must find in the classroom a place where, beyond the search of the knowledge, either a space of convivncia, affective bond that they correspond to the necessities of who the search.

The Hemispheres

When we meet an acquaintance, we welcome it. How are you doing this? Surely you have one, two, or three ways that you apply everywhere. This behavioral pattern. Try for new meetings, each time to greet a person in another way – you start to do unconventional. Here is your unconventional would be achieved simply willed and some "stress the brain." Another typical pattern – a step of man. Try to walk ten different ways. There are simple and fun techniques out of a pattern of behavior – a change of activity, which entails a change of state. If you have not turns out to solve a problem at the moment – being distracted and think about it some other time.

The most optimal activity for overcoming stereotyped thinking – dreaming with visualizations. In the dream should be possible to all. Any idea will pass criticism and deserves to be recorded on its paper. Absolutely any solution worthy of consideration. Temporarily accepting this view, you will increase the flow of ideas spewing from the subconscious.

At the same time in front of you should be based on a sheet of paper on which you will write or sketch whatever comes into your head. With this in mind will go through the images and sound internal dialogue. The optimum balance state – the internal dialogue is compressed, it is not enough, the rest is complemented by images. In this state there is synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain that causes a highly efficient and state.