Sometimes I think that more proof that there is intelligent in the universe life is that no one has tried to contact us. Bill Watterson Introduccion experience outside the body, the power unfold is, out of the body, not is overlooked for those who are interested in all the paranormal studies, investigates the parapsychological science the truth, to face this reality of this specific phenomenon, some European, American universities parapsychology researchers and even Latin America, have developed many theories in the scientific truth search, any explanation that allows to understand the reason for this and how manages to reach it. All entails us delve a little in its scope, rationale, trying us to free ourselves from explanations of mystical origin, what many religious philosophies as the East explaining it in their own way. General information, history, basic notes, there is no doubt as he has been published in working papers, magazines the experiments carried out in laboratories on Paranormal phenomena, including countries like Russia to Chile, that crazy geography country located in the Southern Cone, among these phenomena, is justly, of out of body experience. Through these experiments, American researchers have been doing it with amazing substances, which give way to mental disturbances exceptional, such as lysergic acid (LSD) and the mescaline, in order to study the purpose of studying the phenomenon. For his part, Professor Roger Hein, Director of the Museum of Natural history in France, has studied the fungi that are familiar with the amanita muscaria, which motivated him to study as a result of the comments made among Mixtec Indians by Professor Gordon Watson and his wife Dr.

Valentina Watson. There is the antecedent to the mixtecs who inhabit the region of the South of Mexico, have a culture totally shamanic, which means that they have a Warlock as a leader in their religious rites. Taking considering this, the Watson proved that the sorcerer who did the experiment described scenes that unfolded many kilometres away, while he was in a trance, which was achieved with the consumption of mushrooms.

Complutense University

Luis Mateo Diez was born in Villablino, mining mountains of Northwest of Leon and town located in the Centre of the region of Laciana. And it was born precisely at the old Hall House, nestled in the heart of the Valley on the ancient site where a day won the tower that eregia the memory of the ancient councils. His family lived on horseback between Madrid and Villablino until, at age 12, he moved definitively to the city. Luis Mateo studied secondary education at the Colegio Estudio. In 1961 he began his studies of economic sciences at the Complutense University, career that ended and paired with the philosophy and letters.

His first book of stories, Memorial of herbs, appeared in 1973. He then published novels provincial stations (1982), La source de la Edad (1986), which won the national prize of literature and criticism, apocryphal of the Carnation award and the thorn (1988), the full hours (1990), the dossier of the Castaway (1992), road to perdition (1995), The look of the soul (1997), the paradise of mortals (1998), days of the attic (1999), ghosts of winter (2004) and Fables gathered in Meridian Devil (2001) and the echo of weddings (2003), as well as books of stories embers of August (1989) and the minor evils (1993). With the ruin of the sky (2000) won the Premio Nacional de Narrativa and the critics award. He is patron of honour of the foundation of the Spanish language. Well my brother Alberto fell into the pit when he was five years old. It was one of these family tragedies that only alleviate the time and circumstance of the large family. Twenty years later my brother Eloy drew water a day from the well to which nobody had ever returned to look out. In the cauldron, he discovered a small bottle with a paper inside. This is a world like any other, said the message.

School And Democracy

This article of the book School and Democracy of Dermeval Saviani, searchs to clarify the process of the education and the form of the relation between education and the society in elapsing of the times being enclosed the theories in diverse historical contexts. The author distinguished for its analysis from the problems and prerogatives from the questions raised on the theories from the education. He points the school as a critical reflection ahead of a context politician, democratic and social. However, not so different of the reality, in showing logical, social and historical necessity of the education, whereas the capitalist school masks the evidences of what it is unaware of that could be one of the factors of the marginality. Words? Keys: Politics, education, society, marginality. This article and the book School of Democracy Dermeval Saviani, seeks you clarify the process of education and how the relationship between education and society throughout the you act including the theories in different historical contexts. Author The distinguished will be his analysis of problems and prerogatives of the questions raised about the theories of education.

Points you the school the critical a reflection on the social political, democratic and. But not only different from reality, you the logical show necessity, social and historical education while the school capitalist mask the evidence of what may be unaware that one of the factors of marginality. Key? words: Policy, education, society, marginality. INTRODUCTION This article of the book School and Democracy of Dermeval Saviani looks for of a critical form to make clarifications of the real situation of the education, as a social problem and enclosing all the social spheres, however the theories supposedly cited in the book are considerably essential inside of a society that it aims at to look at the education not as a simple object, but as a citizen that it needs to be studied of a favorable form against the marginality.

San Jose

I opened the door that overlooks the courtyard of my house and looked at the sky filled with clouds and a drizzle cooled my face, so I stripped me and walked around side to soak all my flesh and fouling the soles of the feet with mud and grass. I felt relieved, almost happy, almost free. I joined back to my house and closed the door. In my room had a smell of old clothes, old sweat, suffering painted on the wall, and threw me on the bed. Television became my best friend at the same time that drank calmly and in smaller amounts than yesterday, and I slept. But I had a dream: had a paved and very perpendicular slope which I started to climb and had around old houses of wood, it was night, not raining and arriving at the Summit, I came across many green and black garbage bags lying on my right and on my left and about them many zopilotes savouring its contents, but I felt no fear, not even looked at me, it was as if not be me they perceive or as but them interested at all, so I noticed my view forward and watched a wide and clean and asphalted street of black. I felt peace, he had returned from hell, again was at home. The next day, I woke up much better, breakfast fruits and even drank a cup of coffee.

Not baby liquor. I washed me. I dressed and walked out of my house. I walked through the city without fear, although a little surprised so much trash and noise. I talked to a friend and he asked me where I was and replied that he was walking out of the city of San Jose. He invited me to a coffee.

Then I walked and walked all over the city looking for a vulture, but I only found green and black garbage bags. Hopeful to find them tomorrow, I returned to my house and I took a fourth of whisky to sleep pure life, as he had always done. In my memory always recovered to the observer I knew inside me, I always wish that another time comes equal to experience not being alive and recognise it at the moment, is really wonderful and unforgettable. Now bebo thing acostrumbrado, but the crows and the zopilotes needed me. The end. Original author and source of the article.

Tourist Sites

Chiapas is rich in natural beauty making it a very special place to choose your next vacation, since you can enjoy the areana, of the Sun, of the sea; but also you can enjoy ruins archaeological in the middle of the jungle. Also taking the opportunity to delitarte, noting gaps in stunning colors. There are several reserves in Chiapas, and in this article we will mention four of them. Where each one of them is home destinations tourist that you leave pleased of visitralos. Reservations that are in Chiapas are the following: reservation of the biosphere El Ocote, is located in the Northwest of the State of Chiapas.

This reserve comprises the following municipalities: Cintalapa de Figueroa, Mezcalapa Tecpatan, Ocozocuatla of Espinoza and Jiquipilas. The tourist destinations found in this reserve are: Sima de las cotorras and nearby is the Canon del Sumidero National Park, Canon Rio sale, etc. Reservation of the biosphere biosphere the crossroads. It comprises part of the municipalities of Acapetahua, Pijijiapan, Villa Comaltitlan and Mazatan and Huixtla. That tourist destinations We find in this place are: bar Zacapulco and ecotourism Center Las Palmas. In these places can one strolls in boat through mangrove swamps which measure more than 35 meters high and taste delicious dishes based on seafood.

Reserve of Montes Azules biosphere, also known as the Lacandon Jungle and is located in the northeast of the State of Chiapas. This reserve comprises the following municipalities: Ocosingo, Las Margaritas and Maravilla Tenejapa. The tourist destinations found in this reserve are: Yaxchilan, Bonampak, caves, Naha, Las Nubes, shield Jaguar, the guacamyas and so on. Win this reserve biosphere biosphere reserve comprises part of the following municipalities: Pijijiapan, La Concordia, Villacorzo and Acacoyagua in this zone, there are no major tourist attractions. In general these reserves are the most important with which counts the State of Chiapas and allow all tourists spend unforgettable moments and the monotony of urban olvidrase and enjoy contact with the environment. Chiapas is beautiful, visit it. Original author and source of the article.

Dam Home Depot Present

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA) the environmental group International Rivers picked up a large canvas yesterday morning during the meeting of shareholders of The Home Depot in Atlanta, which contained the Dam Home Depot message (dam to Home Depot). The NGO representatives also ingresarona the annual meeting of shareholders to participate in the session of questions and answers. The Organization protests over the purchase by the company of timber products to the Matte Group (which is controller of CMPC, The Home Depot suppliers), which is involved through its electric Colbun in the proposal to build five large dams in the two most pristine rivers of Patagonia, in the South of Chile. Dams, reservoirs and their associated transmission lines arruinarian watershed, flooded scarce forests at risk and destroy an indigenous lifestyle of the place. We are demanding American consumers to stop shopping at The Home Depot until they stop purchasing disputed timber products originating from economic interests that threaten to destroy rivers and Chilean forests said Gary Graham Hughes, Coordinator of the Patagonia campaign of International Rivers. The company has many alternatives to buy forest products, and Chile has abundant energy options, which can even transform it into a global power in solar, geothermal and wind power, as they have recognised specialists.

In addition to the action of protest at the annual meeting in Atlanta, there have been demonstrations outside stores of the chain of retail home in different local through the States of the Western United States. And in the last year, thousands of consumers have written your executives communicating that already they will not make purchases in the chain until The Home Depot take steps to distance itself from the controversy. Environmental NGOs in United States have demanded him to the company to take specific actions. Even funds investment socially responsible major in the United States have insisted on obtain a response from the company citing the risk that imply him to be dragged into this conflict, which harms the Green reputation that characterizes it.