Venezuela Education

Without democracy freedom is an illusion. Marcelo Fernando Castro is a fact, that the State Venezuelan is playing a letter very dangerous in their political aspirations of consolidating his political ideology to establish socialism in Venezuela, this time, deep into all matters concerning education, a very vulnerable tendon, which should know handle in such a way that does not involve reactions that can cause serious problemsas in the case of education and its impact on public universities, where must always predominate open thinking, free ideas, debate and above all, respect for their autonomy. The truth, ending before that year, the current under the direction of Lieutenant Government Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, has just approved the new law d education which has caused a reaction popular, especially students, University authorities, professors very drastic as this has been sanctioned by the way and above all, which involves many of his articles that seriously threatens University autonomy, which should always be respected and which guarantees democracy, freedom. The law was approved as is public knowledge: between roosters and midnight “and where Government, that can not deny it, not conducted extensive consultation with agencies and institutions that have to do with education, such as universities, students, University community. It seems to be according to current events forget President who is faithful admirer of the founding father Bolivar ideas, that as well reminds us: El Libertador Simon Bolivar in his speeches, letters and other documents, had a permanent concern for the educational event. Already in the speech of Angostura, 1819, he made clear that morality and the lights should be a primary fact of the Republic. The constitutional project ran the bases of the concept of State teacher, proposing the creation the House of education, which would establish the rules that would govern the teaching throughout the Republic. Likewise, he left testimony of great interest in the pedagogical problems posed by Simon Rodriguez, which takes innovative ideas and deals with aspects such as vocational orientation (tilting, temper and temperament), the need for the study of foreign languages and geographical as part of basic training knowledge.

Educational Orientation

Eliane Brito de Lima FURNE-UNIP/PMCG SUMMARY the related work presents a bibliographical study carried through in Disciplina ‘ ‘ Educational orientation in the Bsica’ Education; ‘ , integrant of the Course of Specialization in Orientation and Pertaining to school Supervision, of the University Foundation of Support to Ensino, Research and Extension FURNE, when we search to investigate the paper of the Educational Orientation in the Basic Education. We define as objective of our study: To reflect on the paper of the Educational Orientation in the Basic Education, evidencing its contributions to the process teach-learning. Our theoretical referencial is based on Schmidt Pear tree (1975), Nrici (1976), Ferretti (1988), Lck (1986, 1994), Grinspun (2003) and Libneo; Oliveira and Toshi (2007) that in them they had better presented theoretical subsidies for one and ampler understanding of the subject. We focus in this work referring aspects to the origin of the Educational Orientation, its concepts, principles, objectives and functions, beyond the relationship of the OE with the different segments of the school. We detach the importance of the Educational Orientation in the mediation of the process teach-learning, evidencing the necessity of action integrated of the OE, adopting a dialgica relation with all the pertaining to school team, in favor of one better performance of the educandos. In this direction, we recognize the importance of the planning for Educational Orientation, aiming at to the elaboration of performance projects that take care of to the necessities appeared in each reality. Finally, we emphasize the main challenges and possibilities of the Educational Orientation in the present time, presenting itself as work field each more complex time in our society.

Finance for Education

Since then that it does not seem to be a good idea. However, it is possible that you are doing with your child. Many parents think that their children will learn to handle their finances once they become adults and have to do them itself same make tremendous efforts to educate their children so that they can generate income in the future, but they don’t teach them what to do with the money once they have it in their hands. Has he wondered ever you can do today to prepare well to your child for the future? There are ways to prepare their children today so they are entrepreneurs successful tomorrow. If Ud makes an effort to educate their children in the area of Finance (because the school won’t do!), is going to give them the tools so they can make sure financially for the future. The truth is that an education that fosters entrepreneurial skills in our children effectively has to be more than only a small part of the whole education of his son. If you wish to help your son or daughter to become an adult who knows and can exploit their individual strengths, known to make decisions and measure risks, has to teach how you to incorporate these concepts at an early age. While before, better.

Now, this does not mean that it will invite you to read the section of economy of the journal together with Ud before going to sleep! Effective financial education begins in a much simpler way. Apart from giving them responsibilities, encourage them to educate themselves, respect their individuality and other things that go beyond the purpose of this article, you can leverage an aspect of childhood that many adults underestimate. Ask yourself: what is what a child can do better than anyone else? The answer is: play! Every educator knows that the best way to teach a child to read, write or do their math, is playing an educational game with them. Without embargo, very few parents and/or educators leverage this aspect of childhood to encourage the entrepreneurial skills in children. Children learn playing. It is as easy as sitting down at a table and have fun together with them for a couple of hours. At the same time you will be giving them a very effective financial education that will significantly impact their future.


THE universities in time of CRISIS the basic requirement of the director is to be at the height of the tasks you must perform. Human quality is not a fixed size or any measurable quantity; It is a fluctuating value that raises and lowers, and when not climbing is that this lowering Peter Drucker aspects Basic, scope to stop us to develop this article we do motivated given the reality of the participation of our universities as regards to its social responsibility, commitment to the country, where one cannot deny a great divorce is given in government programs with what should be the role of the universities that you help to consolidate them into positive action for all involved. Increasingly we enter that our universities have not been able to activate reviews of how wings actions of the Government, especially in what concerns the possibility of changes in education will affect the behavior of university education, in their autonomy. We cannot deny that the University does presence through its guilds constantly before the disrespect for their rights to fair payment of their benefits, debts that are not yet met; but we read little about opinions that point where Venezuela is going with the socialism of the 21st century, what will be the role of the University, how joined the Government’s economic programs, which profile should be graduates of the different races, according to the characteristics of the current scenarios. Definitely, the participation of its academics, its students, its leaders has left much to say, and even more, when no new leadership that generates changes in the various disciplines in sight, as in the political, economic, technical, cultural to name a few. . The Venezuelan, characterized by its turbulent political scenario that has led to instability, nonconformity, deterioration in the quality of life of the Venezuelan, insecurity, indebtedness, apathy, dissatisfaction, questioned education, health among other topics, invites us to reflect the reason for this.

Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Emotions to control the means to improve human's life, finding them happiness and enduring peace of mind. First of all, it is impossible to keep within themselves and to nurture resentment of ancient Indian philosophy of Patanjali compared cultivation process with growing resentment of poor garden. And in fact, hurt, exactly as fears provoke diseases, including the terrible and incurable. It is no coincidence. In the shower, where negative emotions have settled, and strive to settle the negative and evil entity. Under the blows of fears, excessive pride, suspiciousness, jealousy, hatred, anger, resentment destroys human flesh. After all, people, even members of the underworld in able to distinguish the good thoughts and deeds of the wicked.

And in doing is not in good conscience, they rob themselves by making health disorder lurking in your inner world. It is important to easily walk through life without paying much attention to the small miseries and minor trouble. Canadian scientists have found a pronounced correlation between attitude to life itself (or a simple and easy on the contrary, complex and difficult) and the physical state health and the health of all organs without exception. If you find it difficult to cope with the heavy, oppressive feelings, ask God to him to help, visit the psychologist, get forgiveness, develop in nature. Use all certain possibilities to the negative emotions you have not captured. If you fail to get their emotions under control, it can end badly, and maybe even very bad. Source: Success in life, the power of thought and execution desires

The Man

Complement informing to the reader who is necessary a basic knowledge of music stops to understand 98% of the book, in which it says on nothing nothing more less than pure music. But to not only know it, Ozzy, the huge one, but also to have knowledge on the history of music, of the rock, the evolution, the styles and its respective times of ascension, beyond possessing the diploma of ' ' language musical' ' , language in which this writing almost half of its autobiografia. I also believe that made what me to be so entertained with the workmanship was my inexplicable ability of the o to read its stories, to imagine it in a room, counting this for me, articulating, gesturing, laughing, counting to its way, relaxed, relaxed, dislxica. Ozzy is dislxico, and not yet passed 50 years of its life using all the known drugs and some, drinking all day and living a life always to the extremities. This made its dislexia to increase in surprising levels, today it badly obtains to form a simple phrase. What it confuses the reading; the reader has science of that obviously it is not Ozzy that he writes.

However some times, no matter how hard it seemed impossible, this still leaves the reading better. I do not know of the others, but I for vary times I imagined Ozzy and a man in a room, Ozzy speaking, and the man typing each word that from there of its mouth. in the words of the proper Ozzy (p 216), I imagine the man typing and ' ' almost having one orgasmo of in such a way rir' '. The fact also confuses the reading of that the majority you copy of them joined in the bookstores are translated into the Portuguese, being thus is inevitable that in some times it is not possible to recount the facts the way of Ozzy, with its language, its ' ' sotaque' ' acquired in ' ' viagens' ' for Cuba and Colombia mainly; they understand if me.

Great Works

His first work, the flight to Egypt, allowed the painter to demonstrate its great dowries at the time of reproducing landscapes. It uses loose brush-strokes and vivid and luminous colors that also will characterize to their later works. After years of restoration, the picture finally is ready to appear to the public. This exhibition will constitute the first time that is outside Russia from 1768, when empress Catherine bought the Great one it in Venice Next to the masterpiece of Tiziano will exhibit contemporary Venetian works that will show how the artist adapted ideas of other painters to create his sophisticated composition. In addition, the gallery also counts on the exhibition Inside Art (Art from within), that explores the creative answers to a collection created by a group of delinquent young people who participated in an artistic challenge.

In 2011, Education National Gallery sent to the third edition of four projects of practical art of one week of duration in reformatorio HM Young Offenders Institution Feltham, who welcomes in young men among 15 and 21 years. This fascinating exhibition includes works of the 37 young people who participated in the projects. The factories concentrated in practical techniques like the drawing, the engraving, the painting and the carved picture, and approached several interesting like the creation of pictures, died natures, abstract subjects and the representation of the world. If it does not like the art, during its visit to London can either lose the Tate Britain, that at the moment welcomes an intriguing exhibition on Picasso and the British modern art, available until the 15 of July. The main exhibition crosses the ample legacy of the famous painter and how their works played a significant role in the acceptance of the British modern art. Also it explains how it influenced generally in the British art, besides the lasting relation of the artist with this country and its affection by him. The Tate Britain, indeed, is stopped obligatory for any lover of the culture that wishes to cross the most artistic places of London. In addition, if it visits the museum before the 27 of May, it will have the luck to enjoy the exhibition about Alighiero Boetti. The important Italian artist was one of the member keys of the Povera Art, or poor art, a group of young Italian artists of the years 60 that left to their mark in the world of the art when creating works with simple materials of easy obtaining.

The Problem

It is the only one that makes us honest, why is the center of all true education; an education that does not promote the spiritual intelligence is a simulation, a work on the surface, which will not achieve significant changes. It is important to discover what the true meaning of intelligence, above all when this term compared to emotional intelligence. This has been a term used by our own mechanistic structure, where we can find this term very closed, with lack of meaning, you’re intelligent, if you know much math; Here are not taken into account, an infinite number of factors that contribute to power medium define what is intelligence, can also talk about multiple intelligences, etc. But the spiritual intelligence is the oldest and the newest at the same time, besides that it is the higher intelligence because it is the most comprehensive. Spiritual intelligence is more necessary nowadays, why?, because it comes to the problem of fundamental and gravest of human beings at this time, what is the problem?, hedonism and nihilism. These two philosophies of life have colonized the conscience of human beings leading to suffering, confusion, moral collapse and the loss of meaning to live.

Hedonism is the addicted to the pleasure of the senses as a central criterion of existence. You mean, it reaches the pleasure through the ego. Nihilism (moral relativism), is a philosophy that proclaims that nothing is good or bad in itself, everything is relative and culturally dependent on how defines it the subject. We would have to carry out a great discussion to determine whether the spiritual intelligence is necessary in our present, and why. Without thinking about it, many would say yes, because with it we can eliminate our schema two phenomena that have accompanied us on our existence: hedonism and nihilism, the first as already mentioned refers to the pleasure of the senses (hedonism) and is put to pleasure as a philosophy of life (modus vivendus), the second (nihilism) defined as a moral relativism (nothing is good or badeverything is relative and culturally dependent on how define you the subject of the community in question).

Water And Earth

The existence of liquid water, and to a lesser extent, gaseous and solid dosage forms on Earth is vital to the existence of life on Earth as we know it. The land is located in a residential area of the solar system, if it was slightly closer to or farther from (about 5%, or about 8 million km), the conditions that must be present simultaneously would be much less. Gravity of the earth allows him to retain the atmosphere. Water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere provides a temperature buffer (greenhouse effect), which allows you to maintain a relatively steady surface temperature. If Earth were smaller, thinner atmosphere allows extreme temperatures, thereby preventing the accumulation of water, except the polar ice caps (as on Mars). Surface temperature was relatively constant through geologic time, despite different levels of incoming solar radiation (insolation), indicating that the dynamic process of regulating the temperature of the Earth through a combination of greenhouse gases and surface or atmospheric albedo.

This proposal is known as the Gaia hypothesis. The state of water on the planet depends on external pressure, which is determined by gravity of the planet. If the planet is massive enough water on it can be hard, even at high temperatures, due to the high pressure caused by gravity. There are various theories about the origin of water on Earth. Water ice is present on: Land – mostly ice sheets of polar ice caps on Mars, Titan Enceladus Europa Comets and comet population source (in the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud objects). Water ice may be present on the Moon, Ceres, and Tethys.

Water and other volatiles are likely to constitute a significant part of internal structures Uranus and Neptune. Water is the most common solvent in the world, largely determines the nature of the Earth's chemistry as a science. Much of the chemistry, in its origin as a science, began just as the chemistry of water solutions of substances. It is sometimes regarded as the ampholyte – and acid and base at the same time (H + cation anion OH-). In the absence of foreign substances in the water the same concentration of hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions (or ions hydronium), pKa ca. 16. By itself, water is relatively inert under normal conditions, but its highly polar molecules solvated ions and molecules to form crystalline hydrates. Solvolysis, especially hydrolysis, occurs in animate and inanimate nature, and is widely used in chemical industry.


The globalization is a chimera. The men are divided social, racial, religiously and geographically. In the small planet distant worlds had been created where explored and exploring they coexist in an apparent harmony. In saying of Polibus, it does not exist so terrible witness, nor so implacable plaintiff how much the conscience that deferred payment in the heart of each man. To this conscience, that can be known and be developed, the part of God who inhabits in each heart, is that each man will have to give to accounts one day, for what made and left to make; only, the true and undisputed female judge who all load I obtain since the instant that is born and that it can be extended in the process of the life through the evolution that implies the acquisition of knowledge. The question of the moment is the magnifying of the conscience that much has to see with the headquarters for eternity and the source of the perpetual youth that the old ones pressentiam and that it will allow in them to project.