Kamran Butt Of New Director Operations At Esc Interactive Hamburg

Performance marketing specialist directs the operations of the Hamburg-based marketer of Hamburg, 06 may 2013 the esc interactive GmbH from Hamburg writes an another, very important chapter of the fledgling company’s history. The 2012 based technical agency brings one of the most famous heads the German digital-native generation with Kamran butt in your online marketing team. With the appointment of Kamran butt the esc interactive Hamburg will be used a particularly sustainable industry signal to the Director of operations: the 21-year old, who excelled as a competent professional speakers for affiliate marketing and optimization is one of the promising young talent in the German online marketing business. Butt, who was already in the past two and a half years at evania in Berlin in a managerial capacity, the complete operations of the Hamburg fish market-based agency is responsible for since May 1. Whether in the display advertising or affiliate marketing: at esc interactive are founded half a year ago continuous expansion.

With Kamran Butt now hires a prominent exponent of the new generation of online marketing professionals. In the face of rapidly advancing developments and findings in the area of the monetization of user data and information (big data) butt as one of the emerging Young marketers in the D-A-CH region will put his personal stamp on especially the sales activities of the esc interactive and their skills in the areas of media buying and real time bidding (RTB). No wonder that the commitment by Kamran regarding butt as another milestone in the young history of esc interactive Hamburg, as CEO Michael Breukel stressed: “whether of young climber or old Fox of the industry, expertise and personal success are not a question of the age of the character. Anyone who followed his personal goals such as our new Director of operations with such passion and consistency, can move a lot in online marketing. Thanks to his reputation, but also his outstanding skills as a speaker and big data specialist, is Kamran butt already now many decision makers online Known industry. All the more I am, that he will be a first-class business card of our House and the whole group of esc now.” The esc interactive GmbH is on almost all B2B channels of the display present with a particular focus on strategic consulting and marketing of display media advertising. Furthermore, the Agency is responsible for the affiliate marketing activities of the esc mediagroup including targeting and retargeting analysis. Interactive esc: Esc interactive GmbH, based in Hamburg is a specialist provider of display advertising with a focus on performance, trading – and branding campaigns.

ESC interactive was founded by Christian Erhardt, Wolfram Seipelt and Recep Cot, Managing Director of esc mediagroup GmbH, in December 2012. As a specialist agency offers esc interactive in-house solutions for mobile, video and display ad campaigns. According to their motto “OFFER SALE SAFE” esc interactive strategic consulting and marketing reach strong CPC and branding campaigns.

Country School

This is truthful case! But, let us leave of the idea to renew education from the technology and come back to the famous number of run away from the pertaining to school banks. In first place a more pleasant environment is necessary to become the school. Not with surrounding music, sound in the patio, until can! But a worthy classroom, in which, parents, professors and pupils if faith and courage interrelacionem with to reach the considered objectives. It is possible in full century XXI still to construct classrooms of cans? How a pupil who deferred payment precariously, if feeds badly, sleeps badly, dresses badly, has joy to study in a school of these? He is for reflecting! Taste of speaking of the professors! A great majority is not valued as it had. But if it does not want to give up the task to teach, must teach well! It cannot push with the belly this great mission! Another crucial problem in the Brazilian education is the famous relationship. While the professors if to consider superiors in relation to the pupils, will not obtain to reach its objectives.

They know that they are superior, that they know much more of what the pupil, but, lamentably, do not have to demonstrate such difference! The psychological reasons do not have to be explanados here, therefore they would take much time! They leave the competition for it are of the classroom. He demonstrates its superiority in the society where they live, in that one entorno! He does not demonstrate its better vestments, uses a uniform to finish with the nojenta competition that of pssimo example to the young, in special! We know that he is difficult! But, of this skill we will only be able to diminish the run away numbers of that they denigrem the Brazilian education. If the professors not to assume new position will not never arrive in pssima average 6.0! Let us want or not, only the professor and the pupil in classroom will be the responsible ones for the radical change of the Brazilian education. But the two, if interested parties, have this capacity! Independent of good didactic materials, rooms special, etc. etc. To the times, the parents until confuse, therefore the ones that live in the school, generally are responsible for the good pupils! It remains to the school to seduce reasonable and bad the parents to take conscience, thickening the row! The media comes proclaiming mazelas of same education from the technological equipment envoy to the schools. Therefore my conclusions are obvious: Computer, tablet, or the new technological generation do not advance that to appear and to be sent to the schools! If two more involved in education if not to acquire knowledge of that they are them springs masters for the intellectual growth of the people and that only exists school because exists professor and pupil, but that this really they become capable to diminish the statisticians who envergonham our Country and that the superior intellectuals, also make its part! They do not attempt against for my style! The ideas go appearing and repass I them to the paper he forgets before them! I only want to transmit a message, therefore education worried the Brazilian me it worries and me, more still lately!

Orahn Pamuk

Orahn Pamuk was born in Istanbul in 1952. Since 1974, dedicated solely to reading. Awarded numerous times with various prestigious awards, in 2008 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The star of a Nievea is Ka, a poet who makes a living practicing journalism. The play on words that apparently exists in the Turkish language among the poet's name and title of the novel is lost in translation, but this setback did not affect either the plot or how to tell the author. Pamuk introduces us from the beginning in a suffocating straightjacket, both morally and culturally. The tedious lives of the inhabitants of Kars, hometown of the protagonist, are mixed with Islamic fanaticism and oppression of the dominant political class.

Using the isolation of the small border town, caused by heavy snow, Pamuk draws, perhaps without intention be a priority, the dismissal of the intellectuals, Turks in particular and Muslims in general, educated and trained at the gates of freedom and the Western permissiveness, men of culture whose work is supported by pillars constructed with the raw material extracted from their cultures, but whose intellectual strength due to the Western influence. The moment you try to use only their own willow appears sectarianism and a radical approach to every aspect of human thought and expression. We talk about theocratic societies, based on Islam, whose main body has failed to progress through the history and has been integrated into the social and political order of the Middle Ages. The reflections of the protagonist fair and measured, without too much further, they reveal a clear trace of European influence. History, Pamuk has been weaving memories by combining the player with the appearance of characters who add richness to the construction of a plot with many curves. Sometimes surprising behavior or attitudes that make the characters, and one gets lost a bit, not knowing whether to attribute this oddity to the difference in cultural approach to the needs or simply that plot has been imposing the author of the novel. I think excellent description of the poet's creative process along Ka stay in his hometown.

It is perceived that, no doubt, Ka must have been a great poet. Pamuk, creating a suffocating environment and a poor and austere landscape, in a strange place for a Western reader is able to keep us hooked on history. That's being a good writer. Safe Creative # 0912035058096.

The Japanese

In this way the 1970s becomes a moment of economic boom for Europe and Japan and that of the 80, home of a great competition that sharpens in the 1990s and reveals what is today known as the wild capitalism, where the real axis of evil is the severe competition. Obviously, these governmental decisions are not alien to the world of business and it starts to undergo changes of an organizational nature since they are impacted by different technological, economic, political and social changes and are therefore forced to leave that world of quiet navigation to enter the world of the turbulent navigation which became evident by the complexity and uncertainty of their operations. It was clear that already in the nineties of the last century companies not could put on the market any product or service as a result of fed simple production processes It doesn’t matter what quality by inputs. The Japanese approach of orientation to the customer and provide higher quality, more value-added products, was imposing joined other technological type changes. Changes of economic type as the decrease of the life cycle of products and the crises of economies of scales would on the other hand, in the same way, operating. No less important are the changes of a political nature, including the disintegration of the Socialist camp and the reduction of the role of the State with the emergence of the neoliberal model. Complete this cycle of changes of a social nature with situations such as the obsolescence of skills, unemployment, polarization between rich and poor; the increase in corruption and the rise of women to work, as well as the degradation of the environment and sustainable development. All these changes impact the world of organizations and it poses new challenges, new demands, to those who run them. The necessity of having a positive attitude to change because the competitiveness, the complexity and uncertainty are variables that have to deal with it with a thought open to the constant analysis of the environment.