Healing The Soul Through Family Constellations

Family Constellations relieve the pain of the soul using the tools of systemic therapy. This method developed by Bert Hellinger has revolutionized psychotherapy, because it acts in depth and fascinating. It is aimed to solve the pain of the soul, bringing peace, relaxation and respect to the experience by members of the extended family. It makes everything included excluded as ever again be tube. No one can be whole and healthy if it accepts and honors those where it comes from, since the force of life and what you came for them. We joined our family through bonds that connect us to our generations. Sometimes, and knowingly, such links generate identifications, loyalties and implications invisible moving from one generation to the other or others, by a blind love. What are the benefits of working with Family Constellations? * Discover hidden dynamics that influence the life of the person who constellations and reorder.

* Dealing with different family situations and alleviate painful. * Understand how physical or mental illness, addictions, relationship problems, etc., are related to ancient secrets or disorders of Love * Understand what is the origin of personal or professional conflict and encourage reconciliation. * Make a personal change: transforming suffering into strength and weakness and welfare * Stop with love and respect the circle of repetitions in the family system by the invisible loyalties Order Only where there is love flowing Constellations allow us to restore peace in our hearts, and all systems to which we belong. Family Soul looking for a solution, the balance through symptoms, tragedies, diseases and difficulties in the development of life itself. Many times it happens that the meaning is not the problem of a person in his family, but generations of grandparents, great grandparents or great grandparents. Still do not know history, with the configuration of a system of relationships, whether family, partner or Labor, you reach a clear and rapidly information that was withheld. No matter the time elapsed, the Family Soul struggles for inclusion, order, peace, LOVE can flow.

What can be treated with this technique? Difficulties in personal relationships, family, couples with children, work, separations, divorces, deaths, orphans, grief, accidents, abuse, incest, adoptions, children are not recognized, sterility, abortions, diseases, fears, conflicts over inheritance , economic problems, emotional problems, fraud, suicide, theft, depression, addictions, stress, uprooting, learning difficulties, problems to finish a race or to select it. “When a family has restored the natural order, the individual may leave the family. Then feel the strength of the family supporting him from behind. Only when the connection to the family is recognized and responsibilities are clearly seen and distributed, the individual feels that he has taken a load off, and can continue with their personal affairs without nothing from the past who manages and limits


There is great depth charge in these verses, which in turn are simple and easy to understand: the child is locked in a magical world where the soul of those who died live in the house of the size of the world. And as the child has no fear, he is easy to share your space with these souls. I do not know, maybe because of shyness or lack of custom, is to live among the living. Because sometimes life produces more fear than death. Keep in mind that children tend not to fear death because they are unaware of it. And this child's view contrasted the verses begin to build an adult reality: It was necessary to stammer / moment by moment, syllabic / gestures and steps with spurs. The word, learning the language, is what makes us adults. Through language, we are able to separate the dream from reality and putting in place the different aspects of reality.

And that reality is constructed so as strong as the poet says, was necessary to wait for almost all / the rest of my evenings, my life / to retrieve that memory. The poem ends by saying: why become a glut on the market need / gestures and words, other dreams / to learn to live among the living. So Nazarene these words: those spurs of words, that adult learning is that which enables us to live in reality, but we must pay tribute: the loss of innocence. In the second poem, Casamundo, there is a recurring line: Still the house where I lived / was and is, in essence, deep / the same as I was far to seek.

Howard Kelly

This practice is often difficult in these days where people increasingly think more about their own interests, often without getting in the place of another, or why that person happens to us can happen to us in the future. Altruism is a virtue few, and many are needed. Every day there are new opportunities to be generous, it is possible to hear so many injustices that occur around us we can not see what the way forward, but is a change of attitude. Then I will tell a story behind all this learning. “One day a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his studies, he found only ten cents in his pocket and was very hungry.

He decided that the next house was going to ask for food. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door, and only asked for a glass of water. The woman thought he looked hungry instead of water gave him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked What do I owe? It’s nothing answered the girl, then I thank you from the heart. As Howard Kelly left that house, not only felt stronger, but also in their faith in God and humanity. Years later, the woman became ill serious illness and specialists did not know what it was, as it was a rare disease, then called for a specialist and Dr. Howard Kelly was when he realized the name of the town from which came the woman was immediately saw her and recognized her from that time did not hesitate to try to save the life of the woman who once helped him, the battle was long but managed to save his life. Dr.

Kelly requested the billing office that will pass the final bill to give its approval, looked at her and then wrote something on the corner. The letter was sent to one quarter of women. She feared to open it because I was sure it would take the rest of his life trying to pay this account, finally opened it and noticed something on the corner of the invoice. “Paid in full with a glass of milk.

Busuu Now Has Its Own “tamagochi”

Recently we are talking about Busuu, one of the communities that allow us to learn languages practice. But let us be honest, many of the purposes that we, in the end just leaving them, including language learning. That is why since Busuu have not had something else to do than to create a garden lively language.

What is it? Basically, we have a garden in which we have a tree for every language we are learning, as hitherto. If we strive, each of these trees will grow as the pace of our efforts, but if we leave, these trees shrinkage. If we strive much, also received a number of giftsfor our garden, like dogs, UFOs, rain, etc..

Undoubtedly, an original and fun hitch to continue with our language if we do not want to take our trees as the smallest of all Busuu user community.