Book Philosophy Dialectic

SOUTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF the BAHIA UESB Department of Geography – DG For: Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, 2008 Orienting Teacher Rita de Cssia Commentary of the book: Philosophy Dialectic and Education of Physical Geography According to author, the Philosophy Dialectic is associated science, of this form, looks for to understand the phenomena, from the agreement of the laws of the nature to understand as that it if structure and independent desestrutura of the antrpica action or not. The nature is dynamic and this always in movement as Heraclitus affirmed that the nature is in constant transformations, is one perpetuates to come – to be: ' ' in them we do not bathe two times in rio&#039 the same; '. From this paradigm it can be understood how much the nature is dynamic. The author emphasizes the question of the interrelation of the human beings with the nature and the contradictions that exist to reach the reality. She is through these contradictions that the dialectic becomes possible, stops to understand the phenomena and, over all, the geographic transformations and of the endogeneticas and epirogeneticas transformations, therefore the set of circumstances of a natural landscape possesss a history, it is not presented of static form, it is not stopped in the time and the molded space being only for the antrpica action. Then the landscape if auto-develops, if it transforms, evolve, possesss proper laws that must be considered in any geographic study assume a scientific character. Of this form, the humanity fits to respect these laws to look for of certain form to leave that the nature if develops not interrupting what the nature takes thousand of years to construct.

On the basis of the conclusions that the author makes, are apparent that nor everything who occurs in the transformations of the nature has direct relation with the antrpicas actions, as for example, the alterations in the climate mainly, to put are certain that in many cases antrpicas actions contribute phenomena to speed up them when the performance is made of form that attacks the nature, the sight of this can perceive with increase of emission of Co2 and other gases that are contributing for growth of the temperature of the Planet Land in recent years. When the author if relates to the one of Physical Geography, this will carry through leaving of the dialtico point of view, she will allow to arrive the conclusions on the heterogeneidade of the geographic sphere as a consequncia of the diversity of its components. The professor, when dealing with the natural estruturao of the landscapes, to develop a scientific conception, can use the laws of the dialectic, constructing itself these in an excellent resource pupil to obtain it to enxergar the dynamic nature as something, with interactions in permanent transformations. Bibliography: BARROS, Maelda de Lecerda. Pupil of the Course of Mestrado in Geography of the Federal University of Pernambuco, 2007.

Double Love

Remember that our love of learning is for the benefit of society. Do not do it for money, whether if we would be rich by tengamonos fortunate, because we are made a genius. It is a matter of greed and if dedication, discipline and devotion. But more than these, is love for what we do. This is our payment. The riches are excellent, because they serve as tools for many things, but virtue can lead us to invert the most correct Menera. I encourage you to live well and grow economically as far as possible virtue, far from services, which do not take advantage. We can drink, but without losing sobriety diginidad providing reason.

We can love without asernos sentimental slave of another person. Preserve the government ourselves. But Double your power with the force of reason, to if not over us the people we love. Because you can be conscious, and know when you end a relationship or if you decide to continue, or whether that person should you or should you not taught that the powerful right. Students to study first, get far far away. And then fills this need.

Do not give way before these feelings. Neither then is just make up your human side, which deserves it, it is natural and nobody’s stopping you may make this crazy. Nothing like a family. Because it is an integral cell of society. This is not enough love, money is also needed so that our own, live in a dignified manner.