Educational Strategies

Introduction the Ambient Education (EA) appeared as a strategy for the confrontation of two basic challenges, according to Tristo (2005, p.253-254): the disturbance of the ecological balances and the question of the education. Such questions are decurrent of a model of socioeconmico development that if characterizes for the reduction of the reality its economic material level, for the division of the knowledge in discipline that they break up the reality, for the reduction of the human being to a rational citizen, for the division of the cultures. The field of the education and the ambient one meet marked by this cientificista ideology that if imposes globally, on behalf of a rationality of modern science strong. Ahead of this context of societies constructed under the optics of the reducionismo, the necessity of the education of the sensible one, in the direction to work all the sensible dimension of the human being, strong becomes present and urgent for the action/reflection in the ambient field in the direction to look for to develop a more complex and integrated individual to all, as well as conscientious of its performance in society. It is in this context that the present article was thought.

The same it intended to carry through one brief analysis regarding the potential of the art for the context of the EA, this divided the text in four parts: the first search to point out what it comes to be art and its paper in our lives; second it excites the neighborhoods and potentials of aesthetic sensitivity with the EA; third it brings a more intent look for the theater and its potentiality of work with the EA and the last part brings some final consideraes for quarrel. 1. What it is Art? ' ' The art is made to disturb, science tranqiliza' ' (Georges Braque) To appraise art is task says, at least, challenger, has seen to the imensido of treated aesthetic that if had dedicated to such task and still yes we do not have a consensus on the subject.