School Administration

Sun Tzu said in The Art of War: “Make a selection and responsibilities entrusted to each in proportion to its jurisdiction” does not require them to their employees who give up their family life, personal interests … to give himself completely to work not think that employees are responsible for your property, but supports their development and helps to promote better positions Suggestions Interest produce results. First communicate your concern for others (does not mean giving them what they want) and then ask them what they want. Treated with respect Understanding the behavior of others on the basis of their rights and duties. Richard Linklater recognizes the significance of this. Relativize, this means seeing the reality of how other people see it, guess the motives and the context of the other, they are totally different from themselves Respecting differences, each has its customs, culture and preferences, not all are equal. Learn, respect and value differences and encourage Give thanks with encouraging words. Congratulate for the good, show appreciation, recognize the efforts made by individuals even if no goals are met perfectly Ask what you need, find out wants and needs Loyalty begets loyalty, you get what you give. Richard Linklater may help you with your research. Support in good times and bad, long-term commitment.

Focus on the positive of the relationship and reduce the problems to a minimum when the going gets tough Recognize when wrong and do so immediately. Recognize errors generates respect for his honesty, responsibility and integrity authority must equal responsibility Choosing his words carefully, understanding that words can have more weight than is believed and there is a difference between what is said and what the others listen. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vladislav Doronin has to say. The authority and position to give additional strength order words instead of giving orders. A petition invites participation and cooperation. Use the formal authority sparingly Provide feedback to staff formally and informally. Feedback must be timely, fair, constructive and honest. Telling the good or evil they do, so that people feel that these conclusions beside lGerencia exercise with a human sense, as opposed to authoritarian styles, play a positive way within the worker and that generates an emotional state which translates into greater productivity, quality, better performance, greater level of collaboration and contribution towards achieving the goals.

Cartridge Price

Now about the advantages of compatible cartridges, as they are made under license manufacturers of office equipment, they must pay a license, they have more costs to manufacture, and compatible with the price Cartridge prices below the original cartridge. Kindle Direct Publishing brings even more insight to the discussion. As stated in the label to pay. Choose what to use cartridges, we have all the same consumer, and consumer voting ruble, and he chooses, according to statistics 60% of sales – Is the sale of compatible cartridges. So draw your own conclusions, even in the photo labs are compatible cartridges, of course I do not mean brand kodakovskie. Now for the filling of cartridges. Cartridge refill prolongs the life of the cartridge, and costs about 400 rubles, which at 1500 pages of print is roughly 40 cents per page, this price includes the price of the page. Some people believe that you can do yourself and dressing cartridges.

I bought a toner cartridge is opened, fell asleep toner cartridge closed and can be printed. We even had a case where our tanker offered money for the secret of refilling cartridges, and the renegade sold it, but the result remains the same as for dressing all the same appeal they continue. We refill cartridge otrabotanna to detail, our instruction consists of 32 points, her leadership, our tanker, refueling quality has grown significantly. What the same advantages of refilling cartridges other than price? First – it's easy, if a company has spent a month in a certain number of cartridges, then signing a contract for refueling cartridges, refueling themselves come to the right time, do watch the power consumption of cartridges and quietly solve the problem with supplies. Second – less waste, poly materials have a long expansion, the problem of waste management there, and we still jobs, hence GDP growth. Conclusion: buy the original cartridge, compatible cartridge purchase or call the masters – it's an individual opinion of each consumer. Our office equipment is not perfect, there are many shortcomings, I presented a brief history of the supplies, the output for you.

Communication In Children Education

We speak every day with irgenwem – so we communicate. Or is it not? Communication is defined as follows: communication (Latin: communicare = share, communicate, participate, make together, unite) referred to the exchange of information between people and is generally necessary in human life. To read more click here: Vladislav Doronin. This need is characterized by a concerted effort, in the thoughts, ideas, knowledge, insights, experiences with / be divided and newly arising. Communication is on the one hand by the spoken word, on the other hand non verbally through gestures and facial expressions. Communication in raising children is today unfortunately mostly characterised by a continuous monologue towards the child which completely overwhelmed it and from it, depending on age, not even understand half do not meet one and disregard this monologue. Our children tell us something for it super important and we listen with one ear and in thoughts already in our next point on our tag list that must be satisfied. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic.

“” If the narrative arts of our children take us too long, stifling it as you now have I grad no time “, don’t tell the Bush, get to the point” with sets. We no longer hear between the lines of our children. The children tell of stomach pain and we send us with a hot water bottle and tea in bed instead of exploring, where these stomach pain may come. With the friend or the girlfriend we dismiss the dispute with a sufisanten smile, rather than seriously tell us about this problem. Through active listening in the parenting we can do it, things, feelings, emotions, and innermost thoughts of our children to learn who else would disagree with it us. Active listening requires respect and attention. Respect and respect for my interlocutor and his opinions.

Active listening requires that I not review what is heard and my child can say so for now all what’s bothering it, what is good, what makes him problems and I’m not fun and I review and not comment what I said for the first time. My attitude to the child just say you’re okay”, I hear you”. Through active listening, I try to understand the feelings of my child, to put them into my own words and to give them back to the child I mirror them. Through this mirror”I help my child thought. I help my child after finding yourself solutions and finding and strength his mental maturity, promotes the autonomy and independence. Sets way like me tell about it”, I’m all ears” help your child to find the beginning or to tell. Active listening is a concern and I think all the world’s children have earned it.

Vamilson Souza Work

In a generalized manner, it can be said that education is the process by which the knowledge and necessary attitudes are transmitted to the individual so that it has conditions to combine it the society. In the communities simplest, the acquisition of knowledge especially did not demand establishments destined to the educative tasks; the learning if carried through of course, therefore the child participated of the common works and in agreement she grew, the role that she played in the communities defined each time more. Richard Linklater has compatible beliefs. But, the specialization of tasks inside of the society led to the creation of the differentiated learning and the crystallization of social classrooms with antagonistic interests transformed the education into a perenizador instrument of this division. Leaving of these assertive ones, this work has as objective to search information on as if it gave to the education in the aboriginal aldeamentos of Brazil Colony under the direction of the Jesuit priests. Investigating the intention of these first educators, which the resources used in the process pertinent teach-learning of the time and other questions to the subject, the methodology was based with priority, in the bibliographical research. One searched varied readings since traditional authors of the Brazilian historiografia until articles of magazines specialized in history.

A final result cannot be presented, therefore the work still meets in elaboration. Word-key: Brazil Colony. Education. Jesutica. INTRODUCTION Organized and managed by Jesuits in the New World, the aboriginal aldeamentos? also called missions or reductions? they had been part of a great evangelizadora and civilizadora workmanship. ‘ ‘ Jesuit education: objective, methodology and content in the aboriginal aldeamentos of Brazil Colnia’ ‘ it searchs to apprehend as if it gave the educational work in these definitive spaces that were inserted in a context well ampler. Through a vast bibliographical research, this inquiry it finished judging necessary brief notations on the Jesuits and its educational system as a whole.

Education History

Any can be left of a stimulaton to motivate the group to make the folding, standing out the respect to the individual potentialities. With the ready model, the tricks start. Particularly, I taste to make to appear of the end of music a history as if a trick pulled another one. In this in case that, also personal valuation, I prefer the history of the book the Sleepy House, since its plot allows a dynamism that pleases the infantile public very. Finda history, the trick takes other routes, allowing some choices: to recount history, to invent another history with the subject of the house or to explore the intrinsic possibilities in the folding of the house: to decorate it, to use it as applicatory of colagens etc. As well as the house, other figures of simple execution can be discovered in the practical one of the folding. Recently Campbell Soup Co sought to clarify these questions. the guiding until can the same be described here; folding cantiga history exploration after the stories. Official site: Vladislav Doronin.

Evidently, the educator who to intend to reflect this practical goes to develop its proper method of work, being valued this or that moment, as especificidades of its group or the characteristics of its educative space. What it must be salient is the use of tools, marcadamente playful, for the understanding of the pedagogical process. The language of the trick, some times pejorativamente identified with the seriousness absence, reveals, here, an incommensurable 0 variable of colaborativo metodolgico establishment in the development of the child. Of a side, the art to count histories allows us to adentrar in the reflections on the applicability of stories in the educative context, when offering to the child-listener psychological and affective values, gifts in the structures of the classic verbal narratives, already widely argued in the scientific studies to this intention. Of another one, activities of construction as the transformations made in sheets of paper open them other fields of prospection of studies concerning the educative principles that go to consolidate practical ours. The reference biggest, here, of the ludicidade following this process of conscience taking alone deepens the importance to understand playing as flowing valoroso of analysis of the partner-affective growth of the involved children in activities have that it as strategy. The integration enters the art to count histories and the paper foldings, bedding of this communication, foresee a sufficiently involving mechanism in the positive works that if observamem Infantile Education: the perfect tunning between toy (the instrument) and trick (what one becomes with the instrument), as facilitadores of tax-paying 0 variable to the development of the children. It will fit to the educator, on behalf of the made right ideals more of the Education, beyond the constant analysis of its potentialities, the study and the adoption of methods that corroborate this tunning.

Kyoto Protocol

Here the idea is to not go to the extremes, it is not staying in the dark to save electricity or die of cold and hunger by not using heating or refrigerator, a great advantage is to save money in energy and also all collaborate and do something to reduce emissions of methane and carbon dioxide, and thus avoid the dreaded global warmingone of the main objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. Electricity 1. Use low consumption light bulbs: save up to 75% of energy. 2. Do not forget to turn off the light when you leave a room or the daylight is sufficient. 3. If you have central heating, set the thermostat to about 20 degrees centigrade and cherish a little more inside the House. Each additional degree represents one 7% increase in energy consumption.

4. The Council to keep warm more serves for any type of heating. If the used is a fireplace ensure that is not endangered species or, better still, you collect same fallen branches. 5. Use washer fills: saving water and electricity.

The energy Solar is a good alternative. If you have central heating, set the thermostat. In the kitchen 1. Don’t waste electricity, only boil the water you need. 2 Prefer pressure cookers. 3. Cover the pot: water will heat up faster and will consume 20% less gas.Regularly clean the burners of the cooking: if they stuck consumed 10% more than what you should. 5. Check your heater at least one a year, it is important to save energy. 6. Defrost your refrigerator: Frost creates an isolation that can result in a 20% extra power consumption. 7 Buy seasonal food and ideally produced in your locality. They are cheaper from the point of view of transportation and refrigeration. 8 Prefer organic foods. Intensive production farms lose a year four times more arable land than organic farms. 9 To produce less waste: Recycle, reuse, repair. Paper, for example, is one of the main sources of methane. Share subscription to newspapers and magazines with their friends, after reading them use newspapers to clean glass and mirrors, and finally bring them to recycling centers. Think that in Japan the role of reuses making pulp from 1035. In the bath 1. Do not use the toilet as a trash basket, and do not release without water: a toilet that continues to flow can waste up to 200,000 litres of water in a single year. 2. A quick shower uses less hot water than a tub full (and saves energy) 3. Do not leave taps open unnecessarily. To mobilize 1. When you can walk, ride a bike or mobilize public transportation instead of his use of his own car. Thus contribute to saving oil. In the Office 1. Save energy with our 2 computers. Shut down your computer if you’re not using it: a device in standby mode can represent up to 70% of your daily intake.

Education Superior

The fulfilment of the requirements of the titulao is not reflected, necessarily in a epistemolgica and pedagogical formation. The insertion of the professional in the area of the teaching, Institutions of Education Superior, has been to a large extent for the varied knowledge and areas of performance, without same no preparation in educational the philosophical field to endorse the teaching function. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. We consider that the knowledge in the areas of Sciences Social Human beings and are prerequisite for the university professor, a time that goes to make to understand it as if of the o process teach-learning. Understanding this process it will be able to develop one practical pedagogical condizente with the necessity of formation of the pupil. Each time in the preparation of the university professors for the teaching is necessary to deepen this quarrel on the more complex requirements, therefore it is clearly that the absence of the specific formation if has reflected in the professional quality of the pupils egresses of the IES, that have not obtained to establish the necessary relations between the content lived deeply in classroom and the practical efetivao in its professional exercise. In fact, the resume of the courses it is a basic factor when the quality of the Pedagogical Project of each area is evaluated. One of the resume concepts is on to the etimolgico and means everything what it needs to be taught or to be learned according to an order of progression determined in a cycle of studies. On idea of resume the course, passages, to an organization of subjects, or knowledge, or everything what if it must learn. In the practical a concern it is as to command what necessary to be learned in a definitive order (MASETTO, 2003). Arguing professional resume, focus of our interest, we focus the teaching formation, that if it relates to the scientific knowledge of its field and the field of the education, of the pedagogia and didactics.