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Aboriginal Education

At the beginning of century XXI the Aboriginal Education gave a jump of great relevance in the Brazilian scene or ties world-wide, this pleases to all the Educators Aboriginal in special way me (graduating Aboriginal Intercultural Pedagogia for the University of the State of Amazon – UEA), as one of the integrant aboriginal educator. In the Brazilian or world-wide scene the aboriginal focus becomes the reason of the fondness to understand the person of the aboriginal, but as human being this culture becomes questionable for many. People such as David G. DeWalt would likely agree. Of I begin the education aboriginal always was placed in the vision of the foreign anthropologists, to put becomes I make a mistake for the aboriginal educators, therefore we have our extremely opposing vision of what he was placed by the anthropologists, this in them we fortify clearly that the aboriginals of century XXI, already they are not the same ones of the remote vision placed by researchers. The Aboriginal Education exceeds all the forecasts, these citizens possesss its culture its way of living to speak above all the respect with its fellow creature, and more, possesss the religion-catolicismo dispatches by post for the Church Catholic (region of the High River Black), this means that they have the soul, knows to read and to write, already they are not illiterate, and the scene aboriginal already we have graduated, mestrados and doctors ema some area in the world of science. If the aboriginals are graduated: BECAUSE TO THINK THAT THEY ARE GRAFOS? A human being with this thought to the aboriginals, aplicadamente is a long-eared one (B) Therefore, to want to understand the being aboriginal, obviously to have much capacity open and brought up to date of the world contemporary.

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