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Ambient Education

The Ambient Education seems to be recent in Brazil, more although to have walked in slow steps being that only from years 80 it was become popular, believing that this in such a way happened for the fact of Brazil to be considered parents peripheral, where generally the innovations arrive later. For Guimares (1996), practical that they had been late the wakening of the Ambient Education in Brazil does not possuam affinities with the considered basic principles for the Ambient Education, that are eminently questionadores of ' ' status quo' '. However, some isolated acts had occurred to call attention the use of this instrument for the life in the Land, developed in this period, without, however to reach greater repercussion front to the institutions. 1.2 DEFINING the AMBIENT EDUCATION According to Reigota (1994). Before defining the ambient education that we want to make we need to have clearly that the ambient problem is not in the amount of people that exists in the planet and that it needs to consume each time more the natural resources to feed themselves, to dress and to live. They are necessary that it has warning the people the question of this controlled consumption and with each time more resources you renewed. To educate is to know ' ' ler' ' the world, to know it to transform it e, to transform- lo to know it. Such movement involves participativas methodologies and dialgicas associates the contents transmitted, assimilated collectively and reconstructed. (LOUREIRO, 2003) According to Diaz (2002) the biggest difficulty of the research-action, in its point of view, this situated one in the relation between popular knowing, or common knowledge, or the knowledge given for the life, and the scientific knowledge, or rational speech. This difficulty is derived from the fact from that the position of I dialogue puts in question the modern cultural tradition, a time that this tradition carried through a rupture with the common sense.

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