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NON-VIOLENCE, INTEGRATION AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN SOLIDARITY WHOSE SPORTS GROUP, AND THIS IS CALLED … Tchoukball! Nonviolent Swiss team sport with educational potential. Peace, cooperation and social integration only sport Thulin Laureate by the International Federation of Physical Education (IFPE) Endorsed by UNESCO and sul Secretary General, Adolf Ogi, as Sport for Development, Integration and Peace. More info: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Improve health, since it was created for that purpose, by Dr. Hermann Brandt, Swiss sports doctor. Included in the curricula of Switzerland, France, China and Israel, for its educational values and reeducation. It generates an optimal development of physical abilities, motor, psychological and social. It encourages respect for the opponent, and group cooperation, encouraging the less skilled player. Select the best of handball, and squash voleiball, surpassing qualities of movement. Channel energy into the construction of the play without interference or blockades unpleasant. Integra socially, being a sport for everyone: families, adults, children of both sexes, and handicapped. It promotes healthy competition, without pride, in pursuit of personal growth and group. Leads to learning from mistakes, to personal growth and holistic. It’s International competitions are performed annually in Europe, Asia and Latin ..- In 2006, took place in our country, province of Entre Rios, City of Concordia 1er.Encuentro South American men and women participating teams: Brazil ( Pato Branco, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) Argentina (Concordia) Gives pleasure to those who practice it. He learns to play in a class, to have clear and simple rules. Dissemi

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