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This method can not finally be assessed due to the low number of cases and the lack of comparable studies. “Assessment of off-label” treatments of the tenor is: due to lack of studies can currently not backed up findings about the effectiveness of this off-label “treatments are represented. In patients with high disease pressure can a treatment in selected Cases they be useful because the vitreous opacities and mental stress”eliminate (salmon/Bronstein). The doctor decides from case to case, after the thorough examination of the patient, the assessment of his suffering”and the enlightenment of the risks. “” “Sudden mouches volantes (sudden onset of floaters) to here were called idiopathic” mouches volantes mouches, i.e. To broaden your perception, visit Richard Linklater. without a recognizable disease discussed, floaters, which are often months or years do not change and by doctors as benign “or harmless” be classified.

Holland et al. wise but pointed out that the sudden appearance of monocular (i.e. only in one eye) eye floaters or flashes may be harbingers of a retinal detachment. Their study called numbers to quantify the risk of people with sudden mouches volantes: of the people studied 14% have a retinal tear, often accompanied by subjective visual loss. But also people, which an uncomplicated vitreous detachment was diagnosed, have in 3.4% of cases a retinal tear within 6 weeks, which increased risk with the occurrence of new mouches volantes during this period.

It is required that the high-risk groups undergo a retinal tears and detachment. Salmon and Bronstein list in addition to retinal tears,-ablosungen and bleeding more pathological causes of the formation of mouches volantes: Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Stickler syndrome, Vitreoretinopathy by diabetes, white collar, uveitis (inflammation of the Choroid, Iris, ciliary muscle).

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