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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

"Roger, you must obtain contracts for the sale this month and do not forget, we have a meeting tomorrow at 9:00. Do not be late again!" Roger was a super salesman, but runs the risk of losing his job because he was too busy running from one client to another to get their paper work. He missed meetings and was ahead when he arrived. Her boss saw his energy and enthusiasm among customers, but it felt childishly irresponsible with him and his colleagues. What Roger would not admit it and his boss did not know was that Roger had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The hyper part gives a lot of energy and enthusiasm to go go where you do what you like to do: talk about their products, socializing with clients or meet new people.

The attention deficit causes your brain to disconnect when doing boring stuff like filling out forms, attending meetings or dealing with their colleagues. ADHD is a neurological difference in the brain. The ADHD brain can be very effective when following a passion, but closes when doing the daily routine. Medication is helpful for some, but often not enough. Coaching provides positive support and guidance for anyone with ADHD, but especially for those who do not want to take the medication. The difficulty was that Roger often forgot to get information or lose the paper he had written, and he found the contract is unclear. Through various training sessions and a lot of stress, Roger designed so that it was logical for him to collect and record all the information I needed and set a time in your schedule to complete each contract.

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