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Bases Of National Education

The Law of n 9394/96? Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, establishes in accord with the Federal Constitution, its article IV, III? educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education. Beyond these displayed Laws and Lines of direction it has others, as the Law n 10.098/00, which establishes norms for the promotion of the accessibility for the carrying people of deficiencies or with reduced mobility. Brazil opted to the construction of a system of inclusive education, when agreeing to the World-wide Declaration of Education for All, carried through Jomtien in Thailand in 1990 in accord with the Declaration of Salamanca, Discusses World-wide on the Educational Necessities Special: Access and Quality, carried through in Spain in 1994. Ahead of this displayed, we verify that the fight for the inclusion, already is well old, but that in Brazil, still it is in implantation phase, even so in the paper has implantation indications you give to reach the biggest age, but the speech is not condizente with the reality. We recognize that the government, invested in equipment and adaptation of acessibilidades in many schools in the country, but will have that to also invest in the formation of the professor. Therefore you are welcome it will advance to have an equipped school, without it has a qualified professional, to use available resources in the multi-functional rooms, in the psico-pedagogical development, of the clientele who will have to be taken care of. 7.3 The FORMATION OF the PROFESSOR TO ACT IN INCLUSIVE EDUCATION 7.3.1 theoretical Landmark the reflections concerning the importance of the formation of professors little adds more than two decades, rank who since the crisis of the didactics in the Seventies and eighty many educators and theoreticians come if questioning and using alternative for its reverse speed-significao, aiming at to take care of to the current requirements imposed for the education (CHARLOT, 2002).

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