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Basically, Operating Costs Are Thing Of The Landlord

The tenant has to make payments for operating costs only, if that is agreed in writing in the rental regulation of cost of ownership all allocable to the tenants of housing operating costs, often costs are called, led. Basically, the operating costs are thing of the lessor. The owner has to carry these loads. But! In 556 stands in our civil code: “the Contracting Parties may agree that the tenant pays operating…The Contracting Parties may agree subject to other provisions of that operating costs… will be assigned as a lump sum or as an advance” Well, thinks every landlord is so wonderful and happy rubs their hands. He can do it gladly. Only in the womb he mustn’t hands now still.

Now, you go first. The lessee shall only make payments for operating costs, if it is agreed in writing in the contract. Operating costs are agreed in writing, the tenant must not pay them. Landlords should complete never only an oral lease. You do this though, if there is to be no longer running fixed-term lease. The landlord doesn’t do a favor is so. If there is only an oral lease agreement, the text of the above quoted law applies.

Only the heating can then the tenant landlord extra pay. You must be namely heating regulation consumption recorded and charged. To clarify: the tenant need only pay operating costs, if this is expressly agreed in writing in the contract. Because such an agreement from the eastern regions of the law derogates scheme it is closely and strictly interpreted. Landlord reinschreiben at best all cost elements, which can levy in accordance with the regulation of the operating costs in the lease. These are: – the current public burden of the land – the cost of water supply – the cost of the drainage – the costs of the operations of persons or ruggedly – the cost of street cleaning and waste disposal – the cost of the Building cleaning and pest control – the cost of maintenance of the garden – the cost of lighting – the cost of chimney cleaning – the cost of property and liability insurance – the cost for the caretaker – the cost of running the community at Tenn. plant – which gives many more important notes and tips for service charge settlement costs of the facilities for laundry care – other operating costs the textbook author and landlord counselors Thomas Trepnau in his book “with your tenants expect off – operating costs”, the second rent”. Also by Thomas Trepnau in the series of his landlord guides published: “The secret of the damp wall, rent reduction”, “More money with rent increases”, “Asset protection and building wealth with real estate” and “Valuation of land and Hauusern” available in bookstores, at all well known online retailers and on the homepage of the author. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

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