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Currently in this country almost 2.6 million people of weblogs visit, nearly a million leads even an own weblog. This means the focus “study communications networks 10.1 20711 persons were interviewed. According to the study, 17 percent of bloggers between 14 and 19 years old are 28% between 20 and 29 and 24 per cent between 30 and 39 years old. At least 20 percent belong to the age group 40-49 years. One-third of all blogger has high school or studied. The preferred media of bloggers include newspapers and magazines, however preferred the fast consumption.

Almost 90 percent of respondents read not more than one hour daily. News and computer magazines are especially popular. “” For the television they take, however, more: nearly 70 percent have turned every day between two and three hours the device prefer programmes such as the sports show “and the crime series CSI”. Almost 60 percent of bloggers use the Internet on the day up to one hour private. The duration of the professional use is shorter: nearly one-third used it just once up to an hour per day. The greater the amount of time the lower the percentage information fail.

The hobbies of sport at front point is among the bloggers. It is the visit of sporting events as well as to its own sports activities. Popular are also going out, meeting friends, cinema attendance, music listening and vacation. The know-how on the own computer will be updated first and foremost not about the Internet, but in conversations with friends and acquaintances. Then follow the Internet, journals and consulting with specialist dealers. Focus in a special version which offers “study the possibility to analyze monthly developments for the period of May 2005 to December 2006.” In addition, it can understand how changing the settings within the population. Blog marketing as a new way to the customers specific weblogs become to the business and marketing trend. Professional blogs offer a direct contact with the customers and are a low-cost marketing tool. They enable a prompt customer feedback and avoid a costly market research company.

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