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Car Radio

It does not matter whether the owner of the car music fan or not, the radio, as it were, who did not speak – a thing necessary and useful. Regular news releases on the waves of AM-radio you will not be bored during traffic jams, the music will improve mood during the long trip or a picnic in the woods. And, like anything particularly difficult not to install the unit, connect it to the speakers and fully enjoy your favorite tracks. But, in fact, not so simple as it seems. Fashion for the modern car audio as changeable as the clothes. With the rapid development of technology more and more people appreciate the quality, crystal-clear sound. And under certain knowledge and skill can achieve the perfect sound to absolutely any car.

First of all, we should decide whether you want to install a new sound system or all the same will improve a full-time "music, included in the complete set of your car. As a rule, the majority of motorists want to have a good sound without spending a lot of money at the same time and effort. Some refuse to vibration and noise isolation. But there are people for whom the purity of sound and quality – the main thing in music, and they are willing to fund a "pumping" huge sums of money. On the first occasion when the car audio has already been installed, say, a radio Pioneer Deh, for example, 5000-series (Budget version without an external amplifier), it is necessary to purchase a few items.

The rear of the radio system operates on a bridge on and can implement the scheme 2.1, where 2 channels are working on the front dynamics, and one – on the sub-woofer. Add to the head unit front speaker, Subwoofer and speaker cables. Given the small "consumables", the price is set to be quite acceptable. Such an option can be implement without the help of experts, with only basic skills to install and defining a clear objective. However, true fans "car audio" will not accept this version installed audio system. He knows that the choice of a decent car radio – not the main component in creating the perfect sound. Acoustics salon neposrdstvenno affect sound quality, and must be able to use the physical properties of absorbing and reflecting surfaces. For example, glass, door paneling, front panel, ceiling – adjust the sound in his own way. Taking into account all possible ways to install the speakers, to think the circuits of the sound stage, analyzing all the nuances and subtleties of the car and the possibility of radio, you will be able to achieve outstanding sound quality. Customize car audio – it laborious and delicate, and if you still deal with this challenge, the reward will be music with a unique, amazingly clean and pleasant sounding. Well, buy a car you like on the automotive market, as well as in an ordinary store, but, above all, make sure that it is not forgery.

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