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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence in the companies comes of practical and the knowledge Military and governmental intelligence. The community of enterprise intelligence brought obtains a set of concepts and vises comings throughout the centuries. Checking article sources yields Gerald Weissmann, MD as a relevant resource throughout. One of the classics that serve as example is Chinese military SUN TZU that lived in century IV, considered ' ' pai' ' of Intelligence. Of its workmanship, ' ' Treated on the Art to the Guerra' ' , diverse stretches are presented that point out the importance of if having a project of Intelligence. One of them is mentioned to follow: Your enemy knows and knows you it proper you; if you will have one hundred combats to stop, one hundred times will be victorious. If you ignore your enemy, and you know you exactly, your possibilities to lose and to earn they will be identical.

If you ignore at the same time your enemy exactly and you, you will only count your combats for your defeats (TZU, 2006, p. 41.). Generating intelligence Market of Chances Is importantssimo it company to effect the accompaniment of the market, but many of them for diverse factors or until lack of knowledge on the necessary quo are the monitoramento, finish leaving this practical for second plain. The development of intelligence in a company is extremely lucrative for its business, being that, to the measure that the competitors or the prices go increasing, these studies demonstrate to optimum route at that moment, making possible an ample vision, to prevent damages and or to anticipate it the new events. Gomeses and Braga (2001, p.28) define it the Competitive Intelligence or of Market as being ' ' result of analyzes of data and collected information of the competitive environment of the company that will go to base the decision taking, therefore generates recommendations that consider future events and reports to not only justify last decisions. .

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