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Confession Of A Mediocre

My parents I not warned of the Odyssey that is scheduled to run in order to get a good job; I not warned of the sacrifices I had to do to keep that employment; I not warned of the abysmal difference between secondary and higher education; not warned me that apart from study hard should develop cunning and ability to cope with life; warned me not only was son of a middle-class marriage, raised as almost all children in this country, with a few loving parents, a pending my needs MOM and a dad that not him shaking hand to afflict me when he had, received basic education and my parents did all class of sacrifices to get my utensils. However there was a flaw in my upbringing, there was an error that sparked a terrible effect dominated, I’m still not sure which was the terrible mistake but I have some evidence. It is something typical that most parents worry about the welfare of their children, however there are a few (almost all) that confuse the faculty with something called pandering, very common word of the journal live, this little peccadillo is the cause of many problems in our children; they become lazy, careless, lazy and often discourteous. My mother was for example demanding but suffered from the deadly sin of Sloth thing that I inherited and when to my me placia did my homework, if she was dominated by this sin not objected and was very easy, as they say, pass it by cookie. This is something equally common in many households, by children or young graduates obtain poor academic performance and they are losing interest in the art of studying what causes (phrase used by my mother). In contrast to the disonos parents or concerned about their children, are neglected; those parents who forget that they have children, bring them to the world and let them abandoned to their fate.

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