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Congratulations Professor

In the truth to be professor is a divine gift, therefore beyond teaching to read to write, to be in counted direct with innumerable people, we have the direct chance to demonstrate how much we can be happy, enthusiastic and that to live well, having the conscience in power to be useful. As he affirms the great Rubem Alves: the professor is a semeador of dreams and that he has the possibility to show to a different world and its possibility of construction, he must live with joy and optimism. We live in the society of the imediatismo, of the haste and where the fashion (so passenger) does not allow that let us be people in its true one felt. Perhaps this can be one of the great frustrations of many professors. How many professors depressed and depressive and how many already they do not enchant themselves with its profession, not because had left of being ‘ loving of educao’ , but for fact to be forgotten and placed as category bequeathed to ‘ extermnio’ , therefore many governing exist that if they remember the education and the professors at time of electoral campaign, in this time is easy and empolgante to speak of the educator and the art to teach, however, arriving at the power forget the promises. Friends professors () our cordial congratulations.

They do not forget: we are formadores of great opinion and ‘ ‘ provocadores’ ‘ of the society. She is necessary to occupy spaces, to emit opinion, not to be been silent and nor to have position doubtful, that is, if cannot live on of the wall. The intellectuality must be exerted, is not owners of the truth, but also we cannot live in mere simplicity.

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