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Court Education

Small reflection on the transit in the city of Goinia Stranger today I left of the work to the six hours. No longer first traffic light, closed for me, the conductor of the vehicle to the side heard a music of composition of Fernanda Takai that he has for heading, Court of really small causes. He has very did not hear that music.while we tanned the sound, whose the letter said: ' ' you think that she makes what she wants? He does not make. that wants to make what it makes? He does not want. You thinking that God goes to help? &#039 does not go; ' , some conductors, infractors to the transit laws, had started to advance the red signal. Without embargo of that constatao I observed that the idea of education in the transit can be ambiguous. Therefore, I did not steal the right to think a little, in this text, the daily one of the transit of our city and to make a parallel with the song that touched in the sound of the vehicle in that lowermost point of Goinia.

When we, citizens, inhabitants of great metropolises, we are sent to the concept of the term ' ' trnsito' ' , we look for, recurrently, a male defendant to who we could accuse for the errors ' ' that they are never nossos' '. The fact is that it seems not to have consensus, as in the majority of the quarrels gifts in the media, on the methods to be used for the attainment of a solution for the transit each more chaotic time. It is not treated to prioritize the quarrel around which are the functions, purposes or which it would be the paper that the public power or civil society would have to play in face of the call me the education for the transit or because not to say me the education for the life.

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