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Of course in other articles here you may find these other techniques and ideas you need to work with their prospects. Today we focus on one of them, although not the most important if you make the difference with this in mind: PSYCHOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Internet, analyzing it, as a visual medium psychological influences us to enter and remain in a particular web site. This means starting to achieve this positive impact, the First impressions are vital, not ever expect someone you trust immediately, if the first few seconds create a negative impact. Knowing the above you should consider the psychological impact of colors in the design of your website. All colors must be designed to “recreate” the scene to your visitors. Bear in mind the background color, the color of the letters, the color of the different windows, the color of your items, all colors in general use on your web site. So here we give you the meaning of fundamental colors: BLUE: can be related to the seriousness, honesty, success, calmness, professionalism, power a ..

RED: It may be associated with love, passion, action, adventure, but also with danger, alertness. GREEN: It may be related to money, economic prosperity, but also with animals, nature, health a . ORANGE: It can be includes creativity, fun, youth, council a WHITE: It may be related to the purity, simplicity, naivete, and cleanlinss.. BLACK: It may be related to reliability, elegance, yet with the occult, with secrets, with mystery. GRAY: It may be related to the indifferent, neutrality, it reservedness . ROSE: It may be related to youth, innocence, tenderness, a . YELLOW: It may be related to the playfulness, joy, curiosity, fun a BROWN: It may be related to nature, the earth, primitive, but also the simplicity. Purple : May be related to justice, kingship, but also with uncertainty, fantasies, dreams a If you want to deepen this topic you can do, remember that this wonderful resource called the Internet technology allows us to do and of course the traditional literature.

SOME FINAL CONCLUSIONS Knowing all this, or at least taking these basic concepts you need to avoid projecting a negative psychological effect through the colors of your website can then determine what you can think of no use as the background color in one place saving of energy, Pink, Green is more equivalent, or use the Rose in economic data or items in the bag or something I mean the predominant color, because you must take into account the negative effect of the color of the letters which tambien.las must be affordable to the eye. Therefore you have in your hands the ability to “trap” that visitor bearing this in mind, of course this is not only the that determines the success of your site, but if a good item to consider.

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