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Diehl BGT MasterSolution

MasterSolution AG presents for the first time EvoPort – video servers & Media Portal to the forum for innovative ideas in the education, training and training invites technology-based education from the 07th 09.09.2010 to a scientific programme of the Conference with speakers from Germany and abroad, as well as to a trade show with questions on the subject. A mixture of theoretical considerations and practical examples in the Centre of the cross-sectoral discussion this year the motto: education 3.0… MasterSolution AG presents the new software solution MasterSolution EvoPort – video servers & Media Portal at the joint booth with Diehl BGT defence GmbH & co. KG. Media content can MasterSolution EvoPort archive and provide time – and location-independent central training content and media. In addition, integrated MasterSolution EvoPort MasterSolution EvoEye solution and enables multimedia communication and broadcast live worldwide via the Internet. Unique video compression and transmission techniques ensure a playback in real time without Delay. Under: interested parties information about the MasterSolution products and trial versions for free download.

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