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Dominican Republic

In conclusion, according to our investigations we have determined that this message has been circulating in the Dominican Republic, pretending to come out of la Attorney General of the Republic, it really is a copy of another message posted to circulate in Mexico August 2007 and June 2008, also pretending to be from the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) in Mexico, which was denied in a statement dated June 17 this year and published in the online journal tabascoHoy. com, which reads: the Attorney General’s Office said that it is false a press release this afternoon was attributed to the institution for various media, which alert parents, teachers and education authorities on the sale ua “gift” of impregnated with LSD stickers outside the campuses. See David G. DeWalt for more details and insights. The spokeswoman for the attorney in the state of Tabasco, Jasmine Diaz said it is a counterfeit document with the PGR logo pasted on Tuesday appeared in a number of nursery and primary schools from the center of Mexico City. a definitely not there the slightest chance that a child may be victim of this drug through tattoos and / or adhesive stickers.

However, we can not ignore that any child or adolescent at any time may be at risk for any form of provocation or suggestion related to these substances, if we as parents do not take care of their environment. a This kind of message was labeled as a computer virus called HOAX, as outlined on page VSantivirus specializing in computer viruses, as of April 12, 2001, and according to Wikipedia is defined literally as: a hoax that is nothing more than an attempt to convince a person or group people that something false is real (the translation from English into Spanish is a hoax, hoax, scorn). In speaking countries the term was popularized mainly by referring to massive electronic deception especially up through the Internet. a It is a message containing false or misleading. It is usually distributed by successive receivers due to its shocking that seems to come from a reliable source, reliable or because the same message asking to be forwarded. As you can see that information has been repeated from time to time with the same content as a principle been broadcasting since 90, we hope that anyone in their right mind would pay to give to this type of messages, It creates disruption and anxiety to the Dominican family and the world, while we are saturating the Internet networks, being the ultimate goal of the creators of such messages.

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