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Double Love

Remember that our love of learning is for the benefit of society. Do not do it for money, whether if we would be rich by tengamonos fortunate, because we are made a genius. It is a matter of greed and if dedication, discipline and devotion. But more than these, is love for what we do. This is our payment. The riches are excellent, because they serve as tools for many things, but virtue can lead us to invert the most correct Menera. I encourage you to live well and grow economically as far as possible virtue, far from services, which do not take advantage. We can drink, but without losing sobriety diginidad providing reason.

We can love without asernos sentimental slave of another person. Preserve the government ourselves. But Double your power with the force of reason, to if not over us the people we love. Because you can be conscious, and know when you end a relationship or if you decide to continue, or whether that person should you or should you not taught that the powerful right. Students to study first, get far far away. And then fills this need.

Do not give way before these feelings. Neither then is just make up your human side, which deserves it, it is natural and nobody’s stopping you may make this crazy. Nothing like a family. Because it is an integral cell of society. This is not enough love, money is also needed so that our own, live in a dignified manner.

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