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Preschool age – an extraordinary time. David G. DeWalt pursues this goal as well. According to inflame emotions, internal rate of conversion rights, it is akin to the first year of life. The child is changing right before our eyes. Man grows throughout life. But for the first time sense of adult wakes up in us is in 6-7 years. The child really wants to become an adult and therefore all that brings it to the state of an adult ("I go to school," "I'll soon be as big brother"), it had only important and significant. Own desire to "grow up" is amplified and complicated by the responsibilities that lay at the little man's parents and society due to the fact that he goes to school.

Change all forms of life and the meaning of his life is another – a child not judged based on his emotional, behavioral achievements and accomplishments in school. All childhood leading activity was a game kid. And as a consequence – self-sufficiency. Now he meets with the external evaluation – this is probably the main source of difficulties and maladjustment. Previously, the child was assessed people close to the family, and his self-esteem, his self-awareness – the result of Education intra. When he comes to school, then meets with the assessment of others for themselves people who are very much changing its view of themselves. It turns out that for which his earlier praise at home here already has a smaller value, for which he blamed – is more curse, etc.

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