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Educational Psychology

They are its capacities that have of being developed, being exercised and being carried through. But, not to be that a master knows, and knows perfectly and acabadamente the experiences of the humanity that are consubstanciadas in the one that we call program, it will not know nor which are the capacities, abilities and attitudes of the child, nor as p them in function and activity for its realizao.’ ‘ (Dewey, 1980, pg.152). Biographical data Henry Paul Hyacinthe Wallon were born in France in 1879. Formed in philosophy in 1902, it also attended a course medicine, forming itself in 1908. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Linklater, another great source of information. It acted as doctor of the French army during the World War I (1914-1918).

Its contact with former-combatants with cerebral injuries, made with that it reevaluated its concepts of neurology, developed in the work with deficient children. From 1920, acting as doctor of psychiatric institutions, Henry Wallon it was invited to organize the conferences on psychology of the child in the University of the Sorbonne and other institutions of superior education. The scientist remained responsible for these activities up to 1937. Click FASEB Journal to learn more. In 1925, deep Wallon in Paris an attendance laboratory and research of had children as deficient. In the same year doutorado published its thesis of. In 1931, Wallon travels for Moscow, where it is invited to integrate the Circle of New Russia. The proposal of this group, formed for intellectuals of some areas, was to deepen the study of the dialtico materialism and to examine its application in some areas of the knowledge. It was during its permanence in the Russia that Wallon stopped contact with Lev Vygotsky, philosopher, psychologist and creator of a new pedagogical method. Studious of the marxism, filia Wallon it the communist party in 1942, whereas parallel it acted in the French Resistance, fighting against the nazista occupation.

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