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Energy Kundalini

Lighting is a Flash of awareness. So easy, so natural. Because the lighting is a natural process, although this word may seem that it refers to something supernatural. Every life has a process. It is a growth process that leads us to mature, learning, experiencing, feeling various teachings are that life offers us, sometimes a base of pain and suffering based on joy and bliss.

Many times the suffering is what precedes the wisdom. The truth is often remember what we had forgotten, because in all process of spiritual evolution it is necessary to be gaining a degree of balance in all aspects, compensation, a pace that leaves nothing on the side, which all combines into a harmony that underpins a conscious walking. The process of awakening of the Kundalini energy is an intimate development, because it involves waking up all that potential our carry inside and naturally acquires again self-knowledge. This self-knowledge is to give light to ignorance, because this candle, darkens, the truth of consciousness. I.e., ignorance does not tells us that that truth does not exist, but that the truth is behind her, why we call ignorance the veil of maya, that appearance that covers the reality, but the reality is there, it can be seen clearly by removing the veil. We say that there is a rise in spiritual awakening, we say Kundalini energy has the shape of a coiled snake that grows this process of awakening goes by unscrewing it and climbing around the chakras, from the base of the spine (muladhara) until the seventh chakra (sahasrara) in the head. We say that this rise has to be aware, from the first moment until its completion, passing through all stages, acquiring that knowledge, that truth, that entails the entire process of awakening. It is said that there may be a spontaneous awakening, as lighting for a spontaneous consciousness Flash, or multiple spontaneous sparkles that come to shape every moment, every moment, every second in a lit reality, is say, conscious of the truth that sorts them, presents and performs.

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