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Answering that not, I affirmed that the man not yet has a certainty, scientists approximately stipulate 80 million and 100 billion stars in the galaxies, many greaters that our sun, in 125 billion galaxies, many greaters that the Way Lctea (our galaxy). Later &#039 was made the questions; ' How it will be that the universe appeared? Of where they had come these bodies that we finish of mencionar' '? In both the schools have left of the pupils had answered God and others had answered Big Bang. The pupils possuam some concepts of conceptions on the sprouting of the universe. Soon, I asked for so that the same ones made a drawing, getting ten drawings that had been carried through by pupils of 5 series (6ano) and ten drawings of pupils of the 1ano of average education who had served as material of analysis for this part of the research. Evaluations of the drawings and conclusions ' ' The construction of a coherent space clearly and represented is operated at the same time that the construction of the object In the experience lived the percipient one it does not hold fixed objects The construction of the graphical space is long and progressiva' '. (MREDIREU, 2006, P.

44, 45) the conceptions of meredieu justify the different degrees of evolution of the concepts that possess the pupils. One notices that half of the drawings carried through for the pupils of 1 year, possesss concepts of scientific sprouting of the universe, of Big Bang (the great explosion) and to another half of the pupils they possess the religious concepts. With the care of being impartial in the comments of the drawings of the pupils, one notices that the pupils who conceive the sprouting of the universe through Big Bang or explosion, in its representations contains the procedural way of the occurrence it phenomenon, already the pupils that they conceive the sprouting of the universe through God place, it in the center of its universe and the majority of the pupils only associates the universe the planet Land, without the procedural details of formation.

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