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Fundrasining Portal

Day-care centres, shopping help with schools, universities, clubs and churches, without having to donate a dime itself. Free help – this is the Maxime by education donor. From a parents initiative, the nonprofit society education donors was founded. The Fundrasining Portal aims to strengthen education and improve. With only one or two clicks for example parents, teachers, and students can support financially their school without having to donate for even a cent. To do this, only shopping in the donations-shop of the own school on with some 200 partner shops of famous and well-known marks must be started. Books, newspapers and magazines on toys, furniture, clothing, shoes, mobile, DSL, computer, TV and Hi-Fi to banking and insurance quotes is all available for the buyers of course free of charge.

Up to 20 percent of the purchase value will be donated the commissions up to 20 percent of the purchase value or it will be fixed Remuneration paid, which can be over 100 euros for example when a DSL contract. The commissions to such a school be collected and donated annually to the school or its foundation. Because education donors is a non-profit organisation and has no profit objectives, education donors withhold a portion of the commissions, but forwards it to 100 percent next. Positive for those who carefully and sparingly to handle their data on the Internet: the use of donations shop you must not register for. Simply click on the desired donations-shop and you can help free with his shopping. Only a person that can be for example the Treasurer of the Association, a parent or a teacher must register his school. For day-care centres, universities, associations and congregations donation stores can at for kindergartens, nurseries, all types of school, all high school, sports, music clubs and education promoting clubs and parishes be set up.

“The bundling of so many interests under one roof makes sense, because we make a strong buying group for the partners. In partner shops there is a bonus season also the more use this grocer, the higher the benefits for all,”says initiator Alexander Klement. According to, a survey of the German retail Association valued at 18.3 billion euros via the Internet in online shops were 2007 in Germany purchased. “The potential is huge. We must only use it”so Clement next.

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