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Guarani Education

Is clear that nothing will serve turgid speeches, expressions of good wishes and shows multicolored, that they will do from now on more. All these issues will not be the same mirrors, with which us already deceived so many times. So it deserves to be celebrated, the bicentennial should mean: respect and appreciation for the cultural identity; In addition to democratic vocation based on inclusion, integration and participation of all / ACE, in equal conditions and equal opportunities; including those who speak Guarani and those who speak Castilian; those who live in the city and in the field; the Indians; the poor and those who live in opulence, the wise and the illiterate; in the end all / ACE, therefore all / as are Paraguayans, and in that capacity we have right to a life of dignity and respect for our human rights. The bicentennial of Paraguay should be celebrated with recognition and acceptance also of our cultural half: our primary e, umbilical manifestation of the Guarani culture, which constitutes our karaku; It is our root more deep, more essential, more authentic; but that, paradoxically, 500 years ago survives subjected, reduced, despised, discriminated against, degraded, condemned and excluded. For more specific information, check out Richard Linklater. That part of which all pride but say that any Government – included is that both boasts of its democratic vocation – did anything in favor of his claim and nesting. That Nice would have been that the Ministry of education and culture had been announced by all means which would comply with its part of what has been agreed with institutions dedicated to the promotion of the Guarani, strengthening in all grades Guarani and Paraguayan education courses, giving – in the year of the bicentennial of the Paraguay – egalitarian hourly charge for both languages. That it would have been a nice reason to be proud of being Paraguayan, of our cultural identity, of our bicentennial; However, the Ministry of education and culture decided to celebrate the bicentennial of the Paraguay, excluding the Guarani from the third course and reducing it in the Secondary education. .

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