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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration in three stages. New technologies make it possible to restore hair beauty and healthy appearance, restoring them at the cellular level by means of 'LIFETHERAPY' hair, like any organ in the body are exposed Effects of environmental Wednesday. External factors negatively affecting the hair can be divided into five groups: mechanical – combing hair and styling wrong cosmetic treatment (Unsuitable shampoo, too frequent coloring or permanents), which exhausts the hair out of their aggressive actions thermal – blow-drying, the use of curling irons, curling irons, chemical – Dyeing, bleaching or perming, m * atmospheric effects (wind, sea water, chlorine pools and most of all the rays of the sun) outer sheath of hair, called the cuticle, formed by cells responsible for such characteristics of the hair as shiny and silky. If the damage is cuticle hair look dull and poorly combed, do not reflect sunlight. The interior of the hair – the cortex – is composed of flexible, expandable cells that give hair elasticity. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. If the cortex is damaged, the hair becomes brittle and starts to split often. To restore the hair in this case, we need money to active ingredients, that can penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore it from within.

To restore the hair to eliminate damage at the cellular level. This task is performed series products 'LIFETHERAPY' – The main function of Hair Restoration of Intracellular 'LIFETHERAPY' – this is a specific protein keratin – identical to the proteins that make up human hair. Since this ingredient is represented in healthy hair, it can restore it completely natural way. Keratin because of its molecular weight, can be integrated into the fiber of hair. Fastened to the ends of damaged hair, reconstructs and restores them.

Cationic polymers coated with an antistatic hair shaft softening the film, which makes the hair supple and manageable Mineral salts-Silicon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc – a very important component of hair, necessary for metabolic and physiological processes, system finds itself in violation of the structure and on the hair surface by positively charged particles. The fact that the damaged areas have negative charge, while eliminating the defect is neutralized. Thus, the particles reducing the protein is distributed in the damaged areas without burdening the healthy. The system of intracellular Hair Restoration LIFETHERAPY not only strengthens the structure of keratin, but also gives it extra flexibility, and hence the resistance to aggressive environmental factors. The hair becomes more resilient, silky, easy to comb and look refreshed. The question is: – How often should I use the restore tool? Answer: – Funds from the system, "Intracellular recovery" should be use all the time. Because the active ingredients are washed with water, and aggressive environmental factors, such as combing hair permanently damaging. Also, clients often ask: is there a need use some of the line or for the effective recovery of a shampoo is enough? Better use of line products in the complex. First, the time of exposure to active substances on the hair grows at use balm or funds for an intensive recovery that does not require rinsing. Second, these products contain more active ingredients that nourish and moisturize hair, making them more docile, smooth and shining. But we must not forget that any truly effective remedy could be compared with the rate of prevention and treatment, and then after the course of recovery (at least 1 month) and produce visible result, it is necessary to take a break (at least a month) and if necessary, the course may be repeated.

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