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Health Through Good Nutrition

With food supplements are meant to include one or more nutrients in high-dose form. They should complement not included or only slightly fed substances from the diet and not replace them completely. Currently, the so-called food supplements Directive 2002/46/EC regulates the use of such complementary foods. To maintain the health they may work for irregular and unbalanced eaters well. The diet is thus complemented by the most important vitamins, fiber or fat and that leads to a balanced metabolism. Read more here: Levi’s. ter.

The addition of zinc as prevents many problems and shortcomings. Said Zink example, has an influence on the condition of the skin and hair. If a deficiency can lead to not only hair loss but also to cross-immune deficiencies, loss of sense of taste is just a consequence of zinc deficiency. To ensure high quality of products offered, the Asklepios Shop relying only on U.S. and European pharmacies, where the production of the Product under strict security takes place. The products are here specially processed for the shop and only produced in small batches to ensure the consistent quality of the products.

The provider pays attention to environmentally friendly packaging and dispense with fancy plastic cans or the like. In order to protect the product, simple PET bag for storage to be used. In the Asklepios Shop is the name of the program: the concept, Asklepios’ originates from Greek mythology and refers to the god of medicine. Also in the shop, some products are offered, which will primarily serve the healing of the body. With the help of special natural tablets to the body will be transported to days with mild disease self-healing. A useful complement to conventional medicine.

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