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Leadership And The Law Of Attraction

On this occasion I will talk about the leaders, to understand more clearly the concept of humility, because as I said in other articles, to greater humility closer to God we return and the actions we take to accomplish our goals with the law of attraction, will be carried out more effectively. At group level, you understand that leader is headed by a group of people. This group may be formed from two people to thousands of them. Leaders come in all sorts of groups and relationships: at work, in sport, with friends, in politics. And this classification would never end, because when two or more people come together with a common goal, always want to lead or guide some decisions to make.

Because regardless of whether these decisions are democratic, discussed and decided by the majority, there will always be a leader at the head of these groups. Now, what is the difference between a true leader and a dictator. That the first acts humility and the second with pride, arrogance and motivated amongst other for power’s sake, not caring at all the people he leads. At the political level when I say dictator, does not necessarily mean that it represents someone who has taken power by force. To know more about this subject visit Richard Linklater. Moreover, America had and have in various countries of the continent, dictators disguised by weak democracies act like real dictators, from those nations to be politically Dictatorships covert suit Democracy false and misleading. So here we see the false leader, without humility, guided only by his own ego, usually surrounded by a group of obsequious or cowards who dare not argue with the errors and horrors continuously, treated with arrogance and contempt for their similar.

A true leader listens to criticism, a true leader takes opposition with respect, telling the same with an open mind and above all things we are considered enemies by the mere echo of thinking different. A true leader he is considered the group as the least important because if you act with humility, your premise must be the welfare of others above personal property. When a leader acts predominantly guided by humility becomes a statesman. So here we see contrary to the mentality that gave us the company of boys, that acting with humility is not synonymous with weakness, the wishing well to others is not synonymous with not knowing how to defend themselves. On the contrary, it acts with humility is the one who should be our greatest respect, because the leader is acting on the side thinking that God is guiding. The leader who acts with humility, does not require force or intimidation to gain respect. Since the same act motivated by love for his fellow man and will receive the same from this. So if our leaders are capable, intelligent and respectful of their fans, let’s be ourselves leaders of our lives. Look at our own future with optimism and not leave act, imposing goals supported by the perseverance and willpower. Leaving aside our ego, to be guided by our humility. a The last will be first If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links to books and articles dealing with the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics can enter for free in From Sea Plata, Argentina.

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