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Learning English Abroad

It is nothing unusual for someone who wants to continue her education after high school improve their English, but this is completely misunderstood. English is a popular course for a reason: English is the universal language, if you want to have good job opportunities, also know English you have to know how to speak it fluently. Colorado intensive academic English program study English school conversation, skills to understand what listening, grammar, vocabulary and writing. Filed under: Campbell Soup Co. The intensive English course is designed for small and friendly classes. For more information see Campbell Soup Co. This ensures that you will have many opportunities to talk, ask and correct your mistakes.

The classes are very mixed, with students from all parts of the world. You will meet students from a variety of cultures and countries, by which thou shalt make friends for life. Preparation for TOEFL is available at the advanced level. (Note: offer preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC-not because the majority of students want to take the exam) related to academics, not a business. Speak English this emphasized in all classes that we have available. You will learn grammar in context, but you use it talking and writing.

You practicaras your grammar doing exercises and writing essays at home as much as you practicaras the use of language in class. All students are tested, interviewed and placed in the appropriate level of class for each area. For example, if you’re good talking, but you need special grammar help, your kind of conversation will be at a higher level than your grammar class. The intensive English program is accelerated. This means that students can progress through the levels to any step. You can move to the level progress as soon as possible, and not have to wait until the end of the period. You can start at the beginner level and graduate of the advanced in a span of just six months. We only hire teachers who has experience, who are friendly and which are sensitive to cultural differences. Your experience will help you to learn a step-by-step fast and enjoy experience. Small classes ensure that you will meet your instructor in a personal way and you will feel comfortable asking him anything about life and American culture. Field trips are free for the intensive English program. Activities included are professional soccer, baseball, football or basketball games. Students can ski in winter and camping in the summer. Activities may also include films in schools, museums and concerts, or only volleyball and a picnic in the park with your classmates. We want you to make friends and enjoy the time here at the Colorado School of English. The intensive English program allows input and output. You can start any Monday and end at any time. Some students come to the Colorado School of English to study for two weeks, others remain for a full year. The majority of students pay every 4 weeks until they have reached their goals in the language. English, scholarships to study languages, study scholarships English, scholarships to study English, information about scholarships, scholarships abroad, language scholarships

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