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The question should be what is an efficient and effective network for the needs of an organization? But let’s start by defining what is a network a network is a set of computers connected to each other through physical devices that send and receive signals for data transport. The main objective is to share resources and information among various users. The networks are classified by different concepts:!. Equipment needed physical devices such as routers, network switches and hubs. Kindle Direct Publishing can aid you in your search for knowledge. 1. By the physical scope that has the network: type local or personal, for small areas, or WAN for powerful networks. There are also other categorizations, such as campus area networks or CAN (campus area network) is a network of computers that connects local area networks through a limited geographic area such as a college campus, or a military base, and the metropolitan area networks (metropolitan area network or MAN, in English), which is a network of high-speed (broadband) which gives coverage over a large geographic area.

2. By its topology, which refers to the laying of cable to connect different devices to a network. Each distribution can represent you in a diagram, and several types of topology: as examples, bus network, consists of a single communications channel (so-called bus, backbone or backbone) which connect the different devices.Ring network, each station is connected to the next and the last is connected to the first.Star network, stations are directly connected to a central point and all communications passing necessarily through this. 3 And by its technology, which will depend on the different technological elements used to achieve a single network infrastructure.

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