Central University

A historical reality that even in these terms resulted in almost daily in-depth knowledge and first hand was exposed and reflected in his novel "Burial" first published in 1976. With a self-confessed classical training, because as he himself explains in the interview Arraiz underwent Lucca ("Setting Accounts, Ares Collection, The Books of El Nacional, 2001) their formal academic training before their entry into the Central University of Venezuela in 1923 where he studied political science, was very poor and were life experiences, his numerous travels and insatiable curiosity which combined to structure their training, an incredible vastness as evident in the readings of his novels, short stories and essays, or through a long series of television programs "Human Values" or very long relationship with the readers of his column "Blackboard" in the Daily National for a time was director. The paragraph that begins this article was based, as I said, from the novel "The Red Spears, Uslar first novel, published in 1931 and immediately hailed as" the best novel of the month "and was written as the author, in three months, having been originally conceived as screenplay, maybe that's why they are so vivid descriptions and so dramatically compelling "images" narratives. At the time of publication of this great novel and Uslar Pietri had excelled as a storyteller tales and short stories published in many magazines, an important selection of these early stories was collected in the book "Barabbas and other stories" in 1928, and this first vehicle of literary expression was one of the great passions of Uslar and continued to produce short stories (between 70 and 80 according to their own accounts) that would be integrated into later collections such as "Red" in 1936, "Thirty Men and Shadows" in 1949 and "Steps and Passenger" in 1966. Continue to learn more with: bfpl.

Ministries Campus Ministry Completed – Completed

Ministries Campus Ministry completed – completed Dusseldorf-Bonn XII-2007: the Federal Ministry of health (BMG) has taken its first Office in Bonn. After the 400 employees of the Ministry were previously billeted in rental properties, it settles down now in the own house in Bonn-Duisdorf. By saving the annual rental costs amounting to around four million euros, the new building will amortize very quickly”, said State Secretary Dr. Klaus Theo Schroder from the Ministry of health to the ceremonial key handover in October 2007. Richard Linklater has similar goals. specifically, Dr. Lutke Daldrup known Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development on the Bonn-Berlin Act. Click de shaw to learn more. Through the innovative construction of the Dusseldorf architect, Thomas Pink is the agency landscape in Bonn”has been stabilized. Praise, he stressed that the construction period as well as the budget of 28 million euros had been fulfilled.

The elegant, three-building complex was built according to plans of the offices Petzinka pink architects from Dusseldorf, which won the architectural competition in 2004. The building was built by the Federal Office for building and regional planning (BBR) towards the building of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV). In Bonn-Duisdorf four form a campus ministries of health, family, consumer protection and the Ministry of labour now. Minister Ulla Schmidt’s Office with wide views over Bonn is located on the top floor. Photographer: Tomas Riehle, Cologne project data construction for the Federal Ministry of health (BMG) in Bonn site Rochusstrasse 1 5, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany client Federal Republic of Germany represented by: represented by the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development: Federal Office for building and regional planning users Federal Ministry for health (BMG of formerly Federal) architect and general contractor Petzinka pink Architekten, Dusseldorf planning dates competition in November 2004; 1st prize construction September 2005 completion date September 2007 Lot size 18.634 m space program 400 working places (offices), library, meeting rooms total construction cost of about 28 million gross press contact Image query: Elke Herrenberger press and public relations Petzinka pink Architekten, Dusseldorf phone +49(0)211/47871-42 email: Web:

The PROJECT Estate

Launch of two real estate objects Bamberg, 16 April 2012: The PROJECT group has acquired another land in a top location in the Zehlendorf district values Fund 9 and 10 for their real. Already during the construction phase of the two stages of construction, the real estate developer anticipates a sale of 80 percent of all homes more than each. At the same time, PROJECT launches the sale of two other buildings in Berlin and Furth. Berlin is currently one of the most interesting markets of in Germany, when it comes to the development of real estate objects. PROJECT funds invest so effectively in the development of high-quality real estate in the capital city, which enjoy a strong growth in demand. Now the providers of equity capital-based real estate development funds for residential real estate has bought another property in Berlin-Zehlendorf, invest in that fund the PROJECT real values 9 and 10. The plot is Schlettstadter street / corner 18.950 sqm Sundgauvian road and borders on two quiet residential streets and in the West on a horticulture company.

It will be in two Sections apartment buildings in an open construction with two floors including attic, built a total 111 homes in upscale facilities, as well as 111 underground parking spaces. The newly created area covers approximately 9,500 square meters. Zehlendorf is located in the South Western of part of Berlin, and is regarded as the noblest and most expensive residential area with the highest standard of living in the city. In the surroundings there are extensive recreational areas with lakes and forests as well as attractive sports and leisure activities. The total volume of the object Schlettstadter street / corner Sundgauvian road is 43.5 million euros. The construction phase begins in 2014 and will be completed in 2016.

For PROJECT real estate in Berlin and Furth on April 14, the sales start for the 32 condos in the Borussia road in ALT-Tempelhof is launch. The construction work will begin late this year. The new building is built to energy-efficient KfW-70 construction and receives an underground car park with 25 parking spaces in addition. On 22 April, the sales for the first phase of construction of the manors launch in Furth with 39 apartments on the old “Art Institute pitcher man”-site. Total 137 attractive apartments in seven buildings and 141 pitches will be created. Also, these apartments are built in KfW-70 construction. Connect with other leaders such as bfpl here. The facade is characterized by predominantly floor to ceiling Windows, while by default in all apartments a floor heating, parquet flooring and high-quality sanitary facilities. For more information see and press/downloads /

World Health Organization

All enjoy it, to show a tanned skin in the summer. Get more background information with materials from film director. But excessive sunbathing carries many risks. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Linklater. Greifenberg/Munich, September 4, 2012, according to the World Health Organization an early discovery of skin cancer increases the chances to beat the cancer. The previously held the enlightenment about the damage of excessive sun exposure, the better can be avoided, exposing the skin of for life every summer to these dangers. The Canadian software manufacturer April age (www.aprilage.com), inventor and developer of the APRIL with APRIL face aging software offers a software that shows visitors images of her own face for events as they age and that in comparative images under the influence of increased sun exposure, smoking, and obesity. For assistance, try visiting bfpl. The APRIL solution used in a database that is based on a patented technology, which was developed by the Max-Planck Institute, and over 3,000 different faces of various origins, gender, Age and lifestyles for the calculation of individual aging. As the aging process can be visualized on uploaded images of children scientifically sound.

Generally, the aging of the skin can be mapped from 7 to 70 years old. A special experience is to see your own skin aging. “Negative lifestyles such as sun exposure, smoking and obesity in your own face watching can help to fundamentally rethink the personal setting and to change behaviour” explains Wolfgang Berger, business development April package Europe about is APRIL aging face on every event an absolute magnet for visitors. ” For the effective operation of APRIL face requires aging software on events in addition to the software just a laptop and a digital camera, as well as a color printer. The results of the Gesichtsalterungs visualization in 3D can be animated and sent the following e-mail or shared on Facebook. An example of the Belgian society of cancer, can be found under the AgeMe.com (Web version of APRIL ) uses a creative campaign to illustrate the need for a sufficient sun protection young people. For more information, those interested in APRIL AGE Europe by phone under + 49 8192 99733 26 or via email at. All mentioned trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.


Freire quotation that must have a Pedagogia directed to the oppressed ones, being this liberating humanist and, affirms despite this Pedagogia not having to be elaborates nor practised for the oppressors. It is understood there that we more still characterize in them as oppressor-oppressed, therefore not yet we have the total knowledge of the prxis liberating. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion. THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED ONE FOR PEDAGOGICAL FORMATION. A priori the objective of the research was to identify in the community aspects until then not worked in it so that we could reflect on the problems for found them, and through the Theater of the Oppressed one to work the situation oppressor who they lived. We got as starting point the research empiricist who in gave basic molds to them to work so including social matters, a time that, while Pedagogos in formation in them we judged free citizens, emancipated, experts of a vast theoretical source. At bfpl you will find additional information.

We were, however, surprised with the return that we got with the research. We had that to undress of all our pedagogical self-sufficiency for then understanding the condition oppressed and oppressing. We appeal the Freire one more time, reflecting on its postulations, finally agreeing to it when it says that ' ' nobody educates nobody, nobody educates itself exactly, the men if they educate between itself medializado by mundo' ' (FREIRE, 1987.). This vision of world and understanding, first of our reality, was that in them it brought resource to continue with the period of training and to understand the reality of the other. Freire one more time comes to be necessary in its affirmation we use and it for our dialogue, how much we educators in formation need we are opened to other realities, those are of the pertaining to school walls. In this way, educator already is not what he only educates, but what, while educates, he is educated, in I dialogue with educating that, to the educated being, also he educates.

Fourth Crusade

Research conducted by Brian M. Fagan, Professor of anthropology at the University of California, and world authority with regard to prehistory. Get more background information with materials from de shaw. The shroud of Turin is a great linen fabric of 4.3 metres long, 1.1 meters wide that has front and back image of a man who apparently died crucified. This fact already aroused interest; but the assertion that is true mortuary mantle of Jesus Christ has become a magnet for controversy. The same claim has led to a thorough scientific examination and the holding of international conferences. In 1978, an exhibition of the shroud attracted three million people. Some believe that the history of the shroud of Turin began in the year 1357, when Geoffrey II of Charney he exhibited at Lirey (France). Earlier mentions of images of Jesus are known.

In the 4th century a source tells that Addai or Thaddaeus painted a picture of Jesus in Edessa (Syria). Another source of the 6th century recounts that Jesus dried is the face with a towel and it was printed his image. Christ gave that image to an emissary of king Abgar de Eddesa; from the year 944 Byzantine troops took the image to Constantinople (Istanbul), the image remained there until the year 1204, when the Knights of the Fourth Crusade sacked the city and took their treasures, including the image. This would explain how he came to France and was exhibited there in the 14th century. When look the image of the shroud that looks?; see a yellow silhouette on a white background, it is a negative image of a crucified man face and back. Three-dimensional information can also be seen. The image shows an incredible amount of details; such as: human anatomy is represented with great precision, including injuries caused by beatings, we see blood coming out of the wounds made by nails in the wrists and feet, blood in the scalp and details of the hair and beard.

Gregorio Maranon

Madrid moves one of the keys to next Sunday will be in Madrid. Convened by the Coordinator of neighborhoods and towns of Madrid (the assemblies of neighborhoods that were organized after the camping of Sun) will leave from different neighborhoods and towns. It will be organized in 6 columns that depart from various points in Madrid for two of them converge at Cibeles to 13,30 hours and the other four at the same time at Atocha. Additional information is available at Gerald Weissmann, MD. From both places will they join to get together at the Neptuno square at 14.00 hours with the aim of reaching the door of the Congress of Deputies as a single demonstration. From Leganes main office, at 9 o’clock, you will depart a head of manifestation that scrolls the 421 road until you reach the Avenue of Carabanchel. At 0930 hours leave another head of manifestation from Hortaleza; at 10 depart from Getafe (which moves the Getafe-Villaverde road) and the Plaza de Castilla; at 10.30 Vallecas and 11 people of the Debot Temple.

The manifestations of Plaza de Castilla and Hortaleza will be joined on the 12. Filed under: de shaw. 30 hours in the Plaza of Gregorio Maranon to continue along the Paseo de la Castellana until Cibeles and then to Neptune. For its part, the marches of the Temple of Debot and Leganes confluiran Vallecas and Getafe about 12.30 hours at Atocha. From there, continue its course to Neptune. Since the assemblies of workers of villages and neighbourhoods of Madrid stand out all these marches to collect at the same time people from the nearby villages. So, which part of Hortaleza for example, will bring together neighbors of the Corredor del Henares, and the Plaza de Castilla, Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Reyes people. His call for participation is made with the argument that the current economic and social situation is serious enough to raise his voice and condemn the capitalist system that is perverse and that has caused this crisis. Other hot spots as well as the manifestation of Madrid, there are convened concentrations in Barcelona (summons people and Real democracy already supports it), at 17 hours, in Plaza Catalunya; in Valencia (summons takes the square), at 6.30 p.m. in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento; Bilbao (summon DRY Bizkaia and Assembly Bizkaia), 18-hour, reverse that part of sacred heart until Arriaga and Seville (summons DRY), at 7 p.m., Plaza of Spain. Source of the news: convened dozens of demonstrations the 19-J by the signing of the Pact of the Euro

Georgenque Educational

The second source is characterized pelainformtica in education, when softwares educational nocotidiano of the school is inserted. It is inside of this context that starts to appear Soon propostasbaseadas in the use of the programming language, created porSeymour Papert. Richard Linklater is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of this form, the space escolarvem if transforming to the measure that new ways are inserted in the educational process, it wants ahead either of projected the social pressure that it is tax or as ferramentapedaggica conscientiously for the educational unit. Georgen (2001) affirms that currently the space becomes irrelevant and the time if verwhelms. Nouniverso of the technologies, particularly in computer science, the trips acontecem speed of the light and the spaces is crossed without time. It seems to be consensus for Georgenque in the distance enters far and one becomes here insignificant. In outromomento it arrives to almost affirm that the instantaneidade of the time of software anunciaa depreciation of the space.

Laeng (2002, P. Frequently two sigma has said that publicly. 137) when making consideraes on avelocidade of the transformation of the educational space from the insertion dasnovas technologies says: If all the parts of the space can at any time seralcanadas, one does not have reason to reach any delasnum given to moment and nor neither reason to be worried in guaranteeing direitode access to any one of them. (Laeng. 2002, P. 137). Front to the obvious one, with certainty aindano we arrive at the extreme limits of the irrelevance of the space and the destruction dotempo, but at least it is this that if places in the horizon of the contemporaneidade this the paradigm with which we have that to start to work to organize ofuturo of the pertaining to school unit that still is imprisoned to the expanded concepts deespao and of time of the primrdios of modernity. To transform its space to paraatender a white public specific, however focada day-by-day in its, using themselves of this new tool of pedagogical form and directing it for omelhoramento of the teach-learning of that the search and that also is emprocesso of transformation and growth will have to be the glimpsed objective pelaescola.

The Efqm Model

With my teachers I have learned a lot; with my colleagues, more; with my students even more companies will always have as goal meet the needs of its customers by offering them a product with guarantee of quality excellence that really meets you your needs. We are reminded, that the EFQM quality model was announced by the EFQM in 1991, under the patronage of the European Commission. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. Awards (including one granted to a Spanish company) were delivered for the first time in October 1992. In successive years, small enhancements were incorporated and were announced to public service organizations and SME special versions… On April 21, 1999 announced the latest version, which was adapted for its application to educational establishments in the year 2001. Gain insight and clarity with de shaw. It is known, that the EFQM Excellence model aims to help organizations (business or other types) to know better to themselves and, consequently, to improve its functioning.Gabriela Toro participant postgraduate program, specialty the quality management and productivity, on the theme reminds us, that is the Mission of the EFQM: encourage and help European organisations to participate in improvement activities to carried them, ultimately, excellence in the satisfaction of its customers and its employees, its social impact and business results. Support managers of European organisations in the acceleration of the process of Total quality management to become a decisive factor to achieve a position of global competitiveness.Main features of the leading ModeloEl and improvement is always important to a team that leads the proposal of quality. This equipment is, in our case, the management team.

To form the team’s quality is sufficient to a group of people. In our case (and we recommend it), this group has been the entirety of the faculty as well as in four earlier improvement plans. Taking into account the above, our Center enters, with the E.F.Q.M. a second speed, from the improvement plans to a global project to improve and quality.

High School

Given the tightness, piling up all of the above and ropes hanging from the laundry. There was time for lunch … They sat at one table. Among the drying shorts and running around kids. Cook brought pots of soup and porridge, placed on the table with salad basins, where "our" and "wrong" people began to poke their forks. Use your imagination, one could imagine that you are not a customer, and just being at a party in the tourist camp that live on it, camp, laws, and everything is fine. Additional information at two sigma supports this article. One trouble: for every day you pay 420 USD. Again, to quote the site: "The island has reached the maximum comfort possible for the campground.

Center field has a cozy fireplace and evening gatherings. There is a light from a generator, tents from the rain, dining space, separate kitchen tent, two toilets are sufficiently far from the camp. " Leave without comment and will continue to narrative. Sergei and I meanwhile were looking forward to that now, after dinner, there will come a time when customer go to the instructors at the professional rafting, and everything will work out: the water relieve tension, there will be another emotions and a new level of understanding. But here there was terrible. That is something we all could not have imagined.

Cook appealed to the group. His speech contained two sends. And it was simple and understandable to everyone. Firstly, the second overlay in the same plate, from which ate the soup. Secondly, everyone washes dishes for a self. Where to wash? But in these three plastic bowl. First, the fact that diluted dishwashing liquid. My dishes in it with a sponge. Then in second rinse basin. And then rinse in the third. Water in all coxae was a very muddy, but customers dutifully lined up for them with their plates. Sounded the word "unsanitary." "High School labor camp for 420 USD per day "- we would be willing to have even admire the unusual event.