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That was was and there he was on the canvas of a painter unknown. The room was lonely and empty, except for the presence of that box of seductive and mysterious beauty. This place could not proceed the groan of a human being; at least not the groan of a being of flesh and blood. He cruised the four walls of the room view and found no traces that keep someone who had prelate. His gaze stopped suddenly in something to what previously not had paid attention; the door between bathroom open. Do to perhaps not had seen it closed when he entered the room, a few minutes earlier? If the door was closed, no doubt fit him.

But now I was there, open halfway, as challenging snickered that continue its thorough record. Who would open it? He wondered. This was a night of inexplicable events; suggestive pictures; acongojantes groans; infinitely desolate loneliness; endless corridors; outstanding colours, scary memories. And now as if something is missing, a door open when the logic of science and the rationality of the pragmatic indicated that it should be closed as he had left it a while before. In truth was that door closed? That was what he believed but could not trust his scary memory in a moment like the one that had wanted to run back into the past, pass through the prelude to the souvenir; unwind from the feigned bravery and put once for all in the parents bed but these scolded by his precocious cowardice. But he could not act. Childhood was fifty years later and their old should be reunited at this time with the rest of their elders somewhere in the beyond of where only he returning from time to time for IRIA you in estremecidos your bad nights dreams or recurrent stories of his brother mayor Rafael, whom drunkenness increasingly frequentgave him by telling the life and work of his parents since the old Egidio arrived by boat from beyond the sea until the night that mama Juana closed his eyes while he prayed one prayer so that her grandson Ivan does not revert to convulse.

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