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Practises Professor

To understand the paper of the school while important space for the process of socialization of the child is basic task of the professionals of the education, so that they can make possible conditions so that this if materialize. The act to read inside of obligatory and descontextualizada form of the routines of classroom, mainly in the initial series, has shown inefficiency, since the indices of functional illiteracy sufficiently are raised. To work with Literature in the school is to promote the learning that serves for the constitution of citizens that simply do not belong to a society, it questions however it transforms and it. When reading spontaneously for itself exactly or its pairs, the pupil perceives in the reading a resource of interaction with its interior and exterior, becoming this act at a diversion moment and pleasure as well as in the tricks, much of the times barred for the norms of the school. Good part of the daily procedures of the schools is granted because of the necessities of the established educational system, and these necessities, frequently, they prevail on the necessities of the children (BETTELHEIM, 1984, pg: 17). It is evident that the necessary professor to read so that its pupils can be involved for the text, serving of referencial for the group. However the professor is not only enough, to perceive that its pairs also feel and can feel pleasure and if to amuse with the reading can be much more attractive.

When working projects that privilege Literature in the school, we are promoting the emancipation of knowing, breaching the idea of that to read is one practises pertaining to school and that this, is beyond the walls of the requirement and classroom of the professor. To develop the reading culture in the pertaining to school environment, does not summarize the activity of the learning, but also of the professor who, without generalizing, this distant one of books, at least of unobligated form. What in arremete to reflect on it analyzes so made right of Pablo Freire, ‘ ‘ who form if form and remodel when forming and who is formed is formed and formed to the being formado’ ‘. (FREIRE, 1996) In the reading we discover new words and new uses for that already we know. Beyond being involving, the reading expands our references and our capacity of communication. In this direction, the intention of this quarrel is to contribute to give one (reverse speed) meant to practical the educational ones from a perspective ampler than it brings for the pupil the autonomy to learn, to develop essential attitudes and attributes so that it can lead its proper learning in direction to the development of the abilities that composes them pillars of the education of century XXI.

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