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Processes Development

Some considerations to be taken into account according to agents and results already quoted About thereby increasing its relevance a little more, says / TQM / ModEur, to bear in mind: a The manner considered as the management team develops and facilitates the attainment of the mission and vision, and develop the values necessary for success in the long term, if realized through appropriate actions and behaviors, and if it is personally committed to ensuring that the management system the organization develops and implements. Specifically to consider the management team: a. The development of the mission, vision and values, and its role reference model of a culture of excellence. b. His personal commitment to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the management system of the organization. c. His involvement with customers, partners and representatives of society. d. Motivation, support and appreciation to the staff a We must take into account also how the organization embodies its mission and vision in this connection / TQM / ModEur said, through a strategy clearly focused on the actors, supported by policies, plans, objectives, goals and processes. So, how the organization ensures that the Policy and Strategy, simply considering:. “They’re based on the needs and expectations, both present and future of the actors. .- They are based on information from performance measurement and research, learning and creativity. .- Are developed, reviewed and updated.

.- It is deployed by a system of key processes. .- They communicate and put into practice .- It must also consider the treatment of the staff, as remuneration, take care of him, dialogue. Just as the organization plans and manages its external partners and internal resources to support its policy and strategy, and the effective operation of its processes Added to this is also how designs, manages, and improves organizational processes to support its policy and strategy, and increasingly create value for its customers and other stakeholders.

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