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Russian Drink

This question can be answered in different ways. David G. DeWalt: the source for more info. The simplest conclusion – not a good life. Although in reality this is not true, as well drink and a good life too. People drunk? But as you know, many of us love ‘lightly’ buhanut, Especially men. Too many holidays on the calendar? Well, gone, everyone knows that would be a reason, a ‘holiday’ there. Not enough culture of drinking? We and many cultured people have a weakness for alcohol, artists such as singers, musicians and all artists and bohemians. In the winter cold? In the summer they drink less.

Vodka accessible than whiskey? We all drink that burns and always ‘health’, such as herbal tinctures, purchased at a pharmacy. This is the best reason for communication? Perhaps, but then it turns out that many suffer from multiple personality disorder. A great way to relieve stress? In this case, we all – complete neurasthenics. Money is only enough for vodka or ink? The rich also do not always just cry. We have a very strong tradition? Many do not know at all what it is. Women are not prohibited? Women are people too. Not enough special pubs? Would drink even more.

Consume alcohol in public places? Have a ban. Everything is in order – began to consume more. There is no prohibition? If I were, we would already have died as a surrogate of mammoths and all sorts of stuff. In Russian ‘it’ in the blood? The fact is, medicine is not confirmed. Russian lower get drunk? Russian are all different. ‘Tyapnitsa’ triggers? Well, do not cancel the same on Friday! Healthy lifestyle is not in fashion? And this is off does not apply. In short, the Russian drink, drink, and drink. And yet I would venture to answer this rhetorical question. Eat well, we. Therefore, drinking on health, rather than grasses your body. Sorry, then you can not stay – vodka cold.

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