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Russian Residence

However, no one npa procedure for issuing quotas are not regulated, strictly speaking, the process of issuing quotas can be called opaque. A foreign citizen can hope to obtain quota to a greater extent if it has a higher, so to speak, the passing score. By passing score is meant having a higher education and other positives that can actually draw attention to themselves. We present the case in practice, when a foreign citizen allocated quota at the request of the employer, who in his letter noted that there have an employee a lot of positive qualities, ranging from hard work and ending with unquestioned authority among the managers of the enterprise, which employs a guest of the capital, respectively, for legitimate reasons. The second order, without regard to quotas: Foreign citizens have every chance to get a temporary residence permit if they are for this reason.

Yes, it is the presence or absence of a base, and defines how granted a temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. Gerald Weissmann, MD understands that this is vital information. We call some of the most common reason is married to a Russian citizen, having a baby and a Russian citizen born in the territory of the rsfsr. At the moment, the number of base is fourteen, but should understand that this amount of time may increase or, conversely, decrease. Not left these and other side of the coin, namely, those bases that can serve as a refusal to receiving or simply be able to cancel the previously issued permit for temporary residence. To name a few reasons, this conclusion is a sham marriage, which served as the basis for obtaining a temporary residence, or detection of a foreign citizen a number of diseases that represent a danger to others. Does the right of temporary residence of foreign citizens working in Russia? It is worth noting that the implementation work on the territory of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen has the right and without a temporary residence permit. In order to work in Russia foreign citizen is enough to have work permit, which he has an opportunity to get in the territorial department of the migration service. It is important to note that the foreigner can not independently change their temporary residence. Foreign citizen, who duly received a temporary residence permit is required to annually certify their residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, the temporary accommodation will be withdrawn.

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