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Social Security Fund

Beware the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products manufactured in China and careful with those manufactured in other countries but which have used components processed in China. This is a very serious up call because according to the most recent something so apparently wicked information as a toothpaste can cause death in a few weeks. Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic markets seem to be the main destinations in Latin America of products produced with chemical constituents of high dangerousness for human beings; Some have also come to United States and perhaps other countries in the region in bags and luggage of travelers from these countries.

Care is currently commissioning marks toothpastes: Exel, Mr. Some contend that Gerald Weissmann, MD shows great expertise in this. Cool, brilliant and Dentamint, which are economic brands and have a high turnover, but among its components have a chemical thickener (Dietilenglycol), which is deadly to humans. Health authorities in Nicaragua are in full campaign of seizure of these products which reached its territory imported from Panama; Jesus Marin Ruiz, Director of Toxicology of the Ministry of health of Nicaragua, said that toothpaste poisoning is chronic, can spend five to ten weeks to make appear the manifestations, it directly affects the kidneys and liver. Causes kidney and liver, failure and destroys the nervous system peripheral, the patient goes into a coma and dies. Although it may seem alarmist and exaggerated the true fact is that in Panama, and because of this chemical improperly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, already at least 102 deaths have been reported and investigated the causes of the death of other 369 people who possibly had contact with this toxic but in this case not by way of a toothpaste but by the use of an expectorant syrup that the Social Security Fund

Distributed free of charge among members of the public health system. Yes, obviously there is a very serious failure of responsibility and security expected of a system of public health that distributes wide and free a drug potentially deadly, just as there in the Customs and sanitary authorities of countries that receive imports of products of this kind without prior investigation of their contents and components, but that the respective judicial systems of these countries will have to determine it and punish him.

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