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Societal Nutrition

This we have been checking with the analysis that makes our economy the specialist Manuel Timothy: The other day INEI reported that the Peruvian population to June 2009 is 29 million (exactly 29’132, 013) in addition to listen to a physician of Arequipa La Union province in the hospital 18 babies are born every day and if we add the provinces nationwide, namely population explosion is a serious and no government has opined that, that is the fundamental problem of the Peruvian economic crisis is the “population”, as having scarce resources, poor public administration and all this bad public policy makes the company of a minimum economic benefit for the poor economic distribution in Peru. And he’s still analyzing the average wages in this economically active population of our country:

From the economic point of view, the Peruvian earn a minimum wage of 550 soles ($ 190 U.S. Dollars) to this distribution to 3-5 children you have , will be difficult to give a good nutrition and education, which are the minimum requirements, as this child as an adult has to work and having poor nutrition and poor education that will contribute something to society, that is why there is much turmoil social. But the most interesting and what we have been disseminating unrealistic figures are presented Mr Renan Quispe and of which they boast all Apristas, which I think make a mockery of poverty that now suffer a majority of the population. This summarizes what Timothy: The government is totally wrong to say that poverty has decreased and that is that the poverty index in 2008 is 36%, ie 36 100 people are poor. This is data from the INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics) institution manipulated by the government of the day as usual..

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