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Subjects without images with the only interest to influence your vote (I will not lie), let me say that there are certain thematic are purely visual that would benefit from the adoption of higher fair use images. These subjects to which I refer are, to name just a few examples, movies, comics and video games. But you asking, “and what it can provide free use images However, if a person with little knowledge of video games on one wants to be interested in and determined that we speak of Doom is a game of first person shooters, chances are that your face is all a poem. If instead this person sees the image that all video game fans have in mind, this person will understand in a moment what kind of game is Doom.By this I mean that free-use images are not just a whim to make the Wikipedia “most beautiful”, but are a necessity in understanding new concepts, since, at least in my case, Wikipedia serves to learn what you do not know. Speaking candidly Richard Linklater told us the story. And having said this, and to draw more attention, I put an election poster: PS: For the record, the idea of getting free images to Commons seems perfect (I have uploaded several pictures that I made to be used in various Wikipedia), but as you can see, is quite limited.In some cases, have reached ridiculous extremes as to make a picture into the box on a video game or a computer screen in order to “liberate” the image .– Darz Mol (send a message) 20:45 6 jun 2006 (CEST ) If you were won by the use of fair use, these items would be very nice online but only there, because at the time of publishing a CD or DVD (not so distant project) in the style of the German wikipedia, we should eliminate all such images, because that would not be selling CDs with them as they are for educational purposes only and may llover complaints of copyright infringement. While they are free images to illustrate that such items can be used wisely external links, there are many good pages with screen shots, extra information about these video games, comics, movies etc, which supply the lack of images beautifully.You do not think wikipedia is better than having a free and global dissemination without restrictions and hidden places readers can know what that “Doom” and how fun it is, although not directly see a picture of how it looks Anna -> questions, complaints 00:43 7 jun 2006 (EST) The problem is that on these issues is completely impossible to find free images (unless you make a picture of a box contine copyrighted images and post it on Commons as a supposedly free image) so no one can speak of “While they are free images to illustrate that such items. About what to publish Wikipedia in a physical format, is very nice, but I do not see much sense when today almost all computers have internet connection .– Darz Mol (send a message) 02:59 June 7, 2006 (EST) Maybe a large number of computers with Internet access, but how many people in Latin America have access to computers .Lin Linao, tell me 09:07 7 jun 2006 (EST) Well, I want to really lift wikipedia, so I have posted this virtual cartel. (if anyone can improve it later, is free, wikipedia) – ROBERTO DAN 02:24 7 jun 2006 (EST) I do not understand what to see the quality of articles including pictures of fair use. Visit Richard Linklater for more clarity on the issue. See the Wikipedia articles in English Windows XP, Henry Fonda or Final Fantasy X. They are high quality items and do not think the fact that it contains pictures of legitimate use to make it worse .– Darz Mol (send a message) 02:59 7 jun 2006 (CEST) Have you read the dozens of explanations we have been giving the matter or just view the images I say this because that would explain things at this point “does not understand.””Do you mind something which is customary Wikipedia encyclopedia What anybody can use it anywhere for what they want or needOtherwise why are you here “Work makes free trade “Advertising of video games “Make it a page pretty That is not Wikipedia, revise it well because maybe you’re not where you wanted. Greetings, – Colegota (message here) 08:52 7 jun 2006 (EST) First, I appreciate that you were talking like an idiot, that’s not the same not understand things that do not share the views. Except as the CD or DVD ion (which I do think a compelling reason to vote against), the images include free use will not impede in any way that Wikipedia reaches more people..

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