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Superior Education Professors

This article is based on the constructive experiences of the importance of a continued formation through the pedagogical action, blossoming the so necessary professional abilities to the professor educator contemporary. The research was resulted of the expositivas lessons in the course of after-graduation in didactics of superior education detaching multicultural the teaching formation and the importance of the interpersonal relationship in superior education. Word-key: Multiculturalismo, Superior Education, Flexibility. ABSTRACT pedagogical This article is based on the constructive of experiences the importance of continuing education through action, flourishing professional skills necessary will only be the contemporary teachers. The research was result of lectures in the course of postgraduate teaching in to higher education emphasizing the multicultural to teacher education and the importance of interpersonal relationships in to higher education. Keywords: Multiculturalism, Higher Education, Flexibility. Autonomy and Release are two basic words to understand the process of transformation in the educational branch defended by the writer Pablo Freire (1996) and its followers. Ahead of some notes related to the question of the educator, Freire explains with much category and to know them to experience necessary to practical the educative one, translating them as manual of instruction for the professor of the future..

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